A very busy week with a lot of rains. This is good for the farmers not for the dirt roads.

Civism education

Even if it is in the program of the schools in Burkina, very few are providing civism education. This seems to be a major drawback for the Burkina society.

You can see that in the way corruption crops up at all level of the society but more basically the way people respect the rules of such basic thing as stop lights.

In Ouagadougou the police have been instructed to clamp down on the people going through the red lights or using the phone while driving. For the motorcycles, the fine was 40 euro and the motorbike was confiscated for one week. Even after one week of this regime with many people caught, people were still going through the red lights or phoning while driving. The people caught were mainly educated people, teachers, students…

I am not sure what is needed to bring back some type of discipline. May be a good dictatorship???

Some news about the LAP


New infrastructure








The stable was completed and it already received the oxen which

will be used to work some of the fields this year.

June activities at the LAP

lectures have stopped at the LAP beginning of June. The 4th year students have been passing their exam BEPC and the other classes have activities going from working in the fields of the LAP, computer training, music, theater, dance activities.

Eugenie had got some needles and wool in Europe. It is now used by the girls to make scarf and bonnet.


Girls with bonnet she has made herself.











1st and 2nd year students working in the field





3rd year students learning some dance






Old way to water plant


Water is a precious good and we are trying to find ways to save it. I am trying in my garden a method used by the Chinese 4.000 years ago.

A porous pot is place in the ground. The plants are seeded or planted around it.

The water which is filling the pot sipped through it. No evaporation, directly watering the plant at the roots.pot2

I have bought two pots. They can contain around 5 liters of water each. One needs to be filled every 12 hours the other one every 24 hours. Do not know yet if it is due to the porosity of the pot or the ground around it.



Since we are coming to the rainy season, it is not really a good time to test this watering system. We will test it more at the LAP in October.





Proverb of the week

Patience attracts happiness; it brings near that which is far. ~ Swahili proverb

La patience apporte le Bonheur, elle rapproche ce qui est loin. Proverbe Swahili

Bonne semaine.     Hervé