With the rains a lot of green colors are coming out. Even on what looks like very sterile ground grass will grow, making it look like a carpet.

Consequences of acts

For many things good deeds are not recognized and bad deeds are not sanctioned. It is also true at the level of the family. A kid can misbehave without being punished and another one can be doing good things without any recognition from the parents.

It makes it very difficult for parents to control their kids when they come to the teenage years. This situation is aggravated by the fact that often the kids have received more education than the parents. That the education they have received is of poor quality and absolutely not adapted to their environment does not help solve the problem.

The throw-out of the ex-president Compaoré was done with violence, which was observed by many youngsters. Recently there were several situations where students fought their teachers. We had a situation ourselves at our LAP school.

Parents in the villages are distraught in front of the attitude of their children. In order for them to be able to do something they have to change of mentality, which we have seen in other occasions is happening way too slowly.

News about the LAP

The results of the last year students were not good. Only 20 out of 65 passed their exam, only 5 out 16 students redoing their year.

We are still looking at the reason of this failure. The biggest problem for the students has been math. We could have guessed this since the grade of the students during the year in math were also not very good.

The national average has also been as low as 24%. The schools nearby us got 14 and 18%. We are better but this is not a proper result with the investment realized in the students.

I believe that a large part of the difficulty comes back to the atmosphere in the school. The students and the teaching staff did not collaborate properly. After the incident we had at the LAP in February where students tried to beat their supervisor, nothing was the same. Teachers were afraid of the students and the discipline needed to be in good conditions to study, were not there.

This was confirmed by several parents at a parents’ council meeting last week. For them the students of the last year were not under control.

During this trip I was able to select and test a candidate for the job of manager of the LAP. There was no captain in the boat and we have to put one. He will start August 1st. His first task will be to create good conditions for the students to perform.


We are busy planting 100 cashew nut trees. Students are measuring the fields and digging the holes.

Story of the chick


While at the LAP I noticed a small chick always following the rooster? Not a natural thing.

I was told that all the other chicks of its scope had been killed probably by a mouse. Since this experience he stays behind the rooster, we guess for protection……………

Strange bugfoto4

In the farm we have in Sokourani, there were these strange kinds of spiders, very colorful.

Nobody knows its name. They just know it comes out with the rains.

Proverbs of the week

The antelope says that if you stay at one spot in the forest for too long, you will become thirsty. An Ewe proverb Ghana

L’antilope dit que si vous restez à un endroit dans la forêt pendant trop longtemps, vous allez avoir soif. Un proverbe Ewe Ghana

If you break a coconut on a man’s head, he will not enjoy eating it. Nigeria

Si vous cassez une noix de coco sur la tête d’un homme, il ne sera pas content de la manger. Nigeria

I hope that you are all in good health,