Fields after ploughing

Cashew nut trees

The cashew nut trees are starting to be very popular in Burkina. A lot of traders (mainly Indian) are coming to buy the raw nuts in Burkina. This purchase of the raw nuts brings no added value in Burkina for this activity. It puts the small group transforming the raw nuts into a final product in difficulties due the high price paid by the trader to the producers. This situation is the same with the Shea nuts.

In the farm in Mogobasso we have difficulties to properly use the 6 Ha we have at our farm. We have planted 200 cashew nut trees. It takes 3 years for the trees to produce the first fruits.

Cashew nut trees and their protection







Working the farm of Sokourani

In Sokourani we have a total of 27 Ha. Only 17 of them are ready to be used. Here also we are in a transition year. We will work only 11 ha: 5 of soy and 4 of sesame. The soy will be used at the LAP (soya milk) and the sesame will be sold to pay back the cost of the fieldwork. We will also plant 2 Ha of white hibiscus to be sold on the export market.

seeding the soy

Scholarship holders in Banfora

This year we had 6 students (3 girls and 3 boys) passing the baccalaureate (final exam of secondary school). We are very happy with the results with 3 out of 3 girls succeeding and 2 out 3 boys.

Some impressions of this trip

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Ants work








Proverb over chameleon

People are like chameleons; circumstances make them change their color.

Les gens sont comme des caméléons ; les circonstances les font changer de couleur.

Behave like the chameleon: look forward and observe behind.

Comportez-vous comme le caméléon : regardez devant et observez derrière.

This is the last message for this trip. Next trip in September.

Portez-vous bien d’ici-là.