19 February 2017

The temperatures are rising here. The cool nights we had until now are getting warmer and warmer. In the past few days, the wind Harmattan has been very strong. It blows a lot of dust all over.

News from the LAP

We have been looking at organizing the students study time in the afternoon. Previously, they were sitting in class trying to study for the courageous ones (long days already in class with the same environment, disturbed by others). Since the beginning of the week, each class has been organized in groups (maximum 6 students) and each class has its own place where the group can study.

We have made black boards on the walls of the amphitheater.

After an hour of study on a particular subject, students go back to the classroom and a name is drawn for who will make the corrections.

We have seen an immediate and positive effect on the quality of the studies. Even after classes groups joined again to finalize some studies on their own.

The second aspect we are trying to tackle is the teaching method. Most teachers here are “giving lectures” without much participation of the students. Students write on a notebook what the teacher says or writes on the board. An older teacher, teaching pedagogy, has come to the LAP in order to look at our teachers and to advise us on how to improve the efficiency of the LAP.

I will come back on his findings and on what we planned to do on a next blog.

We have children from 11 villages at the LAP. Each village has 2 representatives who make the contact between the parents and the LAP. On Wednesday, we had a meeting with them to discuss the results of the first trimester and other issues such as payment of school fees. It is interesting to hear that the children studying at the LAP are also learning social skills and hygiene.

As usual, some of the villages’ representatives did not come. One came the next day after a 30km bike ride on dirt road.

Gardening project of Nefrelaye

It is always nice to visit this gardening project. It is like an oasis in the middle of dry land.

One of the two basins, which are holding water coming from the water well powered by solar panels.

Azeta in front of her onions. Each gardener has a space of 10m by 10m. In a year, they can make about 60 euro profit from this small piece of land. On top of that, they can eat the vegetables, which they were buying before.

Odile and Marion looking at the garden. The major challenge for this project is the good running of the association managing the project at the village level.

Pictures along the way

Nursery school children in Kouekouesso

Girl and woman of Nefrelaye

Proverb of the week

A roaring lion kills no game.

Un lion rugissant ne tue aucune proie.

Restless feet may walk into a snake pit.

Un pied agité peut marcher dans un trou de serpent.


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