22 January 2017

Back in Burkina since a week. Eugénie will join me in a few weeks. However, I am not alone, Marion has joined us until the end of April. She has studied education and she will try to help us at the LAP with the studying methods of our students.

Marion behind Désiré going for some tourism

Some news about the political situation

When I left beginning of December 2016, there were many strikes. Everybody wanted more money. The situation now seems to have calmed down. However since many people did not get what they were asking for, we can expect a new epidemic of strikes soon.

In Ivory Coast, a similar situation is happening. The rebels who have helped president Ouattara to come to power have been integrated into the army. The top people got a lot of money, but not the basic trouper. They went out in the street shooting asking for what was promised to them. President Ouattara calmed them down immediately by giving them about 20.000 euro each. Now the gendarmes, the policemen are also asking for something… Actually almost all civil servants (education, customs, health) are on strike to get more from the growth of the country. Not sure how this will end.

On the security front, Burkina is still very much vulnerable in the North of the country. The armed forces do not really control the Islamists / terrorist there.

Lycée Agricole Privé

We went for 2 days with Marion to the LAP. It seems that discipline and tranquility have come back to the LAP. Students seem happy, you can hear them sing while watering the plants. Grades of the first quarter are however not what we expected.

In November, we remade the ovens of our kitchen in order to have less smoke in the kitchen and to use less wood. I was surprised to see that only one of the three ovens in use. Even the one used was not really working properly. I checked them and realized that they had not placed a metal ring that supports the cooking pot leaving a space for the airflow. They had received the ring but nobody asked what to do with it and they had been stored. We placed the rings and all the three ovens are working properly. We have definitively a problem of communication and people accept too often that things do not work and do not report the problem.


Gardens with onions, cabbages and eggplants.

Gardens with onions, cabbages and eggplants.

The cows and bulls of the LAP.

The cows and bulls of the LAP.

Nursery schools

On the way to the LAP we stopped at 2 nursery schools in Oualana and Kouekouesso.

Normally all the children have uniforms. In order to make sure that the parents pay the 5 euro school fees for the year, the uniform is only given when they have paid. AS you can see on the pictures parents are more eager to have the uniforms for their children in Oualana than in Kouekouesso.

Children of Kouekouesso singing

There are 67 children in this nursery school

Children of Oualana eating

Marion showing a picture she took from the children

Proverb of the week

Si un animal vous dit qu’il peut parler, il ment probablement.

If an animal tells you that he can speak, he probably lies.

Si le bélier a tendance à reculer, il ne faut pas croire que c’est parce qu’il est lâche.

If the ram tends to retreat, do not believe it is because he is a coward.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic 2017.






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