12 March 2017

On Monday Michèle, mother of Marion (French trainee staying with us until end of April) arrived. Michèle will stay with us for 10 days. She will follow us in villages and the LAP and she will be able to do some tourism. We love showing what we are do over here, so if any of you feel like coming to visit our projects, please get in contact with us.

Where humility could help!

In Burkina, a lot of nurses and doctors think that they are god! Since they save lives (sometimes…), people do not question them. This makes that some healthcare people have a severe attitude problem. Eugénie and I have been confronted with this many times.

This unfortunately also happens in the US, where some doctors with no open mind and motivated by money, reject treatments that they do not understand and which bring them no cash.

I was confronted this week with another corporation in Burkina, which has a similar attitude: teachers.  I had a meeting with our teachers at the LAP. One of the subjects was on acquired privileges (“avantages acquis” in French). The teachers want us to pay for the correction of a trial exam because it is what they are used to in the public sector. Since there is no extra work involved in this trial exam for the teachers, you understand that this does not sit well with me. I had to stay cool not to create a bad situation with these teachers. They finally accepted to correct this trial exam without extra pay.

During the meeting, I stated that there are good and bad teachers. One of the teachers replied to me saying, “There are no bad teachers”. When I said that teachers should have an open mind for new methods, many of the teachers were showing a corner smile meaning that I did not understand anything since I am not a teacher…..

A bid of an open mind and humility would help. I think.

Wonderful nature:

On Sunday, we went to the “mare aux hippos” about 55 km from Bobo Dioulasso. Very relaxing. We had the chance to see many birds, hippos, but also elephants along the way.

Michèle, Marion and Marie on the boat.

various types of termite hills













Proverb of the week

Laws catch flies but let hornets go free.

Les lois attrapent les mouches, mais laissent les frelons en liberté.

The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are, and not who people think you are.

La seule chose qui vous rendra heureux est d’être heureux avec qui vous êtes, et non pas qui les gens pensent que vous êtes.

 Eugénie is still with Claire in the US. She will be coming this way in a week’s time.