17 December 2017

This is the last blog for 2017. We will go back to The Netherlands this coming Wednesday to be with the family for Christmas.






December not a month for studying in Burkina

The month of December is not a very active month for schools in Burkina Faso. There have been several events in the past which happened in December which are used by students to strike: death of journalist Norbert Zongo, assassinated 18th of December 1998 and the death of a student during a demonstration also in December about 10 years ago.

The teachers went on strike for one week early December, then the students have decided to support them the following week.

If you add the  11th December (the national day in Burkina) and December 1st (Mouloud, Muslim holiday), public schools had no more than one week of schooling in Burkina Faso during the month of December.

Not really a way to improve the education!!!

New water well in Kofila

Start of the drilling with all the elders watching.

The well was drilled to 74 meters.

The samples of ground coming out while drilling.

It took only half a day to realize the drilling. Then the blue hand pump was installed. It takes about 4 days to realize the cement structure around the pump.

Vegetable garden at our farm in Sokourani

Picture taken November 29th

Picture taken December 16th

Cucumbers and zucchini growing nicely.

Cashew nut trees at our farm in Mogobasso

A tree planted in July 2017

Zalissa on the side of a tree planted in July 2016.

Some pictures of the LAP

Mother with her 7 piglets.

First production of Zucchini

Proverbs of the week

Plutôt qu’un ignorant qui m’amuse, je préfère un homme avisé qui me pique. Proverbes Abyssins (1972)

Rather than an ignorant person who amuses me, I prefer a wise man who stings me. Abyssinien Proverbs (1972)

Le passé instruit le présent. Et ensemble, ils construisent le futur.

The past teaches the present. And together, they build the future.

Season’s greetings,

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