09 July 2017

So, all our visitors left last weekend. They all got home safely. I hope that their visit was memorable which will  motivate them to promote our work around them.


We had the surprise of a visit at our office of 30 people from an agency of the United Nations taking care of families (family planning, safe baby deliveries, health of the mothers…).

We had contact with them earlier in the year. They visited our soap and honey production, the workshop for kits of protection for women, and we also gave them a short presentation about ASAP in Burkina. Some of them also went to the LAP to see (only) the infrastructure we have built because the students were already on vacation.

There might be some possibilities to get some help for the girls at the LAP and also some collaboration regarding the protection kits for women.

We had an immediate positive impact of the visit since they bought a lot of soap and honey.

Entry test to the LAP

Children of Nefrelaye and Sissa passing the test

On Thursday, we organized the entry test for the LAP. All children of the villages where we are active, and who have succeeded in getting their end of the year diploma from primary school, are invited to pass the test.

Out of 245 potential candidates, 127 came for the test. From those 127 candidates 82 were girls!!!! This confirms that the LAP has a reputation of being a safe place for the girls. Parents prefer to have them at the LAP to sending them to a public school where they would have problems to control them. So far, we have 50 potential students for the LAP, 32 girls and 18 boys. We will have the same test in 3 other villages in the coming week.

After 20 years I am still amazed  how dirty  the class rooms are: papers on the floor, tables half broken, spider webs all over ceiling….Teachers do not give a damn, why should the children or the parents…

Burkina Faso economic situation

Almost everybody is complaining about the lack of movement in the economy. People start to regret the previous president… When he was in power, even if a lot of funds were sidetracked, some of the funds were still coming into the economy. Due to cold feet by the major lenders of Burkina Faso, there are less funds coming in. The new people in power are also sidetracking funds which leaves very little for the economy.

Anyway, a lot of disappointment among the population.

Proverb of the week 

They succeeded, because they did not know it was impossible.

C’est parce qu’ils ne savaient pas que c’était impossible, qu’ils l’ont réussi.

Mark Twain