27 August 2017

Situation in Burkina

After the terrorist attack at the beginning of our trip, things are rather calm here. It is still do not known which organization is behind the attack. They have just posted some robot portraits of the 2 terrorists who got away.

Since among the dead people there were 2 imams, the rumor is that it has to do with a fight between Muslim lines??

End of last week an important political person died, Salif Diallo. He was a major player here for at least 30 years. He was a mean person. A lot of people would have liked for him to be judged so that some truth comes out over his actions. Very hypocritically, all political people praise him.This is making a hole in the triumvirate which was at the power in Burkina. What will happen next???

This week activities

Most of the week Eugénie was busy at the house. It is being repainted inside and a lot of preparation needed to be done especially to the mosquito nettings.

For me the week was dedicated to our Secondary Agricultural school. Working with the new director in order to select new teachers and new persons to be in charge of the boarding part of the school, putting in place new internal rules. It was very intense work.

This year we will have around 200 students at the LAP. We are still looking for sponsors for the 65 new students.

10 September 2017

On Sunday September 10th we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ASAP Foundation. The festivities will take place in Naarden (for more info go to www.asap-foundation.org). We really hope that you will be with us if you can. A way for us to thank you for your loyal support and show you what we have already achieved. Bring a friend to have a day of fun with.

ASAP office in Bobo

People at the office use the little grounds available to grow various fruits and plants.



Cinnamon apple



Actions pour les Besoins des Femmes (ABF)

The production of kits of protection for menstruation is going well.

Eugenie and her team (Rachelle, Safiatou, Eugenie, Francoise and Eugenie  2)

Proverb of the week

A soul may be said to be generous, when it takes more pleasure in giving than in receiving.

Knight of Méré

Une âme peut se dire généreuse, quand elle prend plus de plaisir à donner qu’à recevoir.
Chevalier de Méré

We are going back to The Netherlands early the coming week.

Hope to see you in Naarden on September 10th.