25 June 2017

So I am back in Burkina since about 10 days. Eugénie stayed in The Netherlands to be with Claire (daughter) who needed surgery.

It is the beginning of the rainy season and the country side has changed completely with fields being prepared or already with small plants. Nature likes water!! Rivers have water again.

This trip will be only for 4 weeks and the coming week will be busy with visitors. Joop (treasurer of ASAP) and Didier (president of A Petits Pas) with his wife and a another couple will be in Bobo.

Some results of the students we sponsor:

I will start with the rather poor results at our school the LAP with only 13 out of 45 students getting the diploma after 4 years of secondary school (BEPC). We are analyzing once more the cause of this poor performance since our objective is to have 80% success. More on this on my next blog.

Now with the good news.

From 14 students passing the BEP Agricole (6 years of secondary school), 13 got their diploma and can keep on studying for another 2 years to pass the Baccalaureate Agricole.

We had also 2 students passing the BEP in electro technic. Both got their diploma.

We are still waiting for the results of 5 students who have passed the baccalaureate.

Visit of Sidi 2:

Joop arrived on Friday with the bus from Ouagadougou. He experienced a bus breakdown along the way. Welcome to Burkina.

Yesterday we went to visit the village of Sidi 2 to announce to them that we have found money to realize a water well at their school. It was the first contact of Joop with a village “palabre” (discussion). I think he enjoyed it.

Happy villagers receiving the news of the new water well.

This village needs a school extension and we are still looking for funds for that.

Villagers in front of the existing school.

Joop and the school director of Sidi 2

Birds along the road:

A squirrel spotted on the tree beside the Callao

Proverb of the week:

Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

N’ayez pas peur d’aller lentement, ayez peur seulement d’être à l’arrêt.

One can easily judge the character of a person by the way he treats people who can do nothing for him.

On peut facilement juger le caractère d’une personne par la manière dont il traite les gens qui ne peuvent rien faire pour lui.

Chinese proverbs

I wish you a very good coming week.