Thursday 13 april, was the day! A day of action was organized by and for students of the Atrium in Amersfoort: The A-Day! With the A for: Atrium, ASAP, Action, Africa and for all! And what was a successful day it was!

The students and teachers made a great effort during a sponsored walk, workshops, with the sale of food and drinks, games and more! We have greatly enjoyed Djembé Agogo with their performances/workshops African dance and djembé and all the happy faces! Even the weather came through that day!

And then the result: the proceeds of this day of action is no less than 16,000 euros! We are very proud of everyone making this possible! And how fantastic it is that Burkina Faso now can realize a space for the boys of the LAP where they can make their homework and can find privacy when necessary, really great! Once again our thanks to the Atrium for the enthusiasm, the preparations and the huge commitment with which this result was achieved!