I am Back in Burkina since a week; Eugénie will join me early October.1

In Burkina the rainy season ends beginning of October normally. September can be still with a lot of rains. These rains are preceded by very strong winds, which flattens corns and/or sorghum plants if they are not well supported or if the termites have worked on them.

Everything is green in our area. Grass grows on any type of ground (see pictures). This type of grass becomes dry and is a major reason for the start of the bush fires.

Political situation:

With the start of a new year, we can expect a lot of strikes. They have learned from the French: strike first and then discuss.

The primary schools inspectors for example have stopped working to get the gasoline allowance due for their travel to the school of their districts. This we can understand since it has not been distributed for 2 years when the funds have come to the region. The other reason is that they did not get paid for the diplomas??? It took me some time to understand, but every time the inspectors sign a diploma they get € 0,30!!! This was not paid also for the last 2 years.

The top 3 leaders of the political party in power in Burkina do not seem to get along very well. Salif Dialo, president of the parliament, is very aggressive and has been involved in many dirty tricks in the past 20 years. Rock Kaboré, the president of Burkina, is very much softer. Simon Compoaré is in between the 2 other ones.

Most of the large lending institutions are asking that people who were put in jail during the uprising should be or judged or freed. By judging some of those, links will probably be seen with Salif. So he does not want that judgment to go very fast. He wants to go at alternative sources of lending (China, Saudi Arabia…). Rock wants to stay with FMI, World bank….

Nobody knows in which direction this will go to. This does not help the development of Burkina.

LAP news:

I spent a large part of the week at the LAP. It is the beginning of a new school year. We have 221 students this year over 4 levels: 109 girls and 102 boys.

We also have a new principal, Jean Martin Traoré. He should bring some stability to the LAP and give me some rest….

Thursday was the meeting with the parents

Girls spreading the corn flower to dry it.


Bala arrived as the boys’ supervisor, he has taken some good initiatives and the production of vegetables increased a lot. In order to be able to keep the vegetables for when we will need them, we are drying them: egg plants, tomatoes, gumbo…

One of the girls in second year broke her arm a week before the start of the school.






















6The math teacher is very fond of birds. He has identified 150 species at the LAP. Around the houses there are a lot of small birds such as the one the picture.

Proverbs of the week:

Knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested

La connaissance est comme un jardin : s’il n’est pas cultivé, il ne peut pas être récolté.

A person is a person because of other persons

Une personne est une personne à cause d’autres personnes

Hope you are all doing well.

Until next week. Amitiés,