5 June 2016

I was looking at the weather forecast on internet and was telling everybody that there would be little rain until mid June……………. Guess what? This morning early rains started to fall and now it is still going on after 3 hours. It would have been better had I looked for the donkey of the story of last week’s blog.

June in Burkina

This time of the year, people are talking about 2 things: yearly exam for secondary and primary school students and the rains which is the start of the field works for many people in Burkina.

Last week was the first round of the exam for students in 4th year of secondary studies. If they succeed they can keep on studying or apply for schools to become teachers, nurses, police agent, custom agent…. Students who did not get the exam at the first round but have enough points will have a second chance with some oral exams. Coming week, it will be the turn of students of all primary schools in Burkina Faso to try to get the exam which will give them the possibility to go to secondary school. Finally, the exam for the end of secondary studies (baccalaureate) will start on June 21st.

Farmers have been waiting for the rains for many weeks. They do not want to be late to work on their fields and are sometimes nervous about starting to early. Will the rains be coming regularly after the first good rains…. It is a gamble. If you do not seed early enough you might have a problem with rain at the end of the season (poor harvest), if you seed early, are the rains coming on regular intervals (need to reseed otherwise)?

Visit of the village of Sokourani

The visit to this village had 2 main objectives: discuss with the village about the development of the drop out of school students and the presentation
of the protection kits for menstruation to the women.

For the first subject, you have to realize that more than 50% of the village population is under 14 years old. In addition, many kids due to the poor
schooling system do not finish it and have no option other than for the boys to stay in the family farm and for the girls to get married. Actually for the boys some choose to go to look for work in Ivory Coast, in the city or look for gold.Looking at the limited surface which can be cultivated and the increase of farmers at each generation, the available land per farmer is decreasing all the time. Most of the farmers have learned from their parents and do not use good technical methods to work their land.

foto2Based on the above we have discussed with the village two types of training: agriculture training for young farmers (young who want to stay in the village) and technical training done in the village for those who want to go away from the village (mason work, electricity, sewing).

The message was well received and we will try to start with the agricultural training already this year in Sokourani.

foto3For the second subject, Odile presented the kits to women and girls. It was also very well received. We have already a list of 70 women from this village who want to buy the kit.

See to the water chores

Water chores



Proverb of the week

Knowledge without wisdom is like water on the sand. South Sudan

La connaissance sans la sagesse est comme de l’eau sur le sable. Sud-Soudan

He who knows much speaks with silence. An Amharic proverb, Ethiopia

Celui qui sait beaucoup parle avec le silence. Proverbe amharique, Ethiopie

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