blog 2015 01 24 1Second week in Burkina. The weather is very dry, temperature between 35oC in the day time and around 20oC at night. The winds coming from the Sahara Desert are always blowing and they bring a lot of dust. It is the period when people have a lot of cold and cough.

I was surprised to have captured a bee on this picture of the flower of a bombax costatum (faux kapokier).

The flower of this tree is used to make a sauce.


After the terrorist attack

Since the ex-president Compaore left 2 years ago, a lot of people found it hard: all the family and friends who were sucking Burkina dry, a lot of military people who were getting rich with arms trafficking, the rebels of Mali and other countries who were welcome in Burkina to avoid justice in their own country.

It will be difficult to know who is really behind the coup d’état of last year before the elections, the terrorist attack of last week and more recent, the attacks on military camps to steal arms.

The country is a bit numb. A lot of the positive dynamic is gone, specially from the partners of Burkina. They will wait to see how things are going before investing in the country, just at the time when it needs investment for its development.

One of the application for funds was recently rejected. This happens, but one of the reason was the terrorist attack in Ouagadougou…………………


On Friday we had a meeting with the parents of students of the LAP.

blog 2015 01 24 2

Above the parents’ board, below the parents

blog 2015 01 24 3

Parents meeting in most school is to talk about the school fees which are not yet paid. We are trying to make it a bit more attractive by giving some information related to their activity: farming. Last meeting, we demonstrate how to compressed hay, this time we talked about liquid fertilizer.

blog 2015 01 24 4The boys’ refectory being equipped with tables. I am sure that Lex (one of ASAP volunteer) recognize the tables.


We have got financing for 500 hives from 3 different funds. The first 100 are already set up in the villages, the second batch of 200 was delivered to the farmers last Saturday. The last 200 will be delivered end of February.



blog 2015 01 24 5

Farmers of Fina receiving their hives.

The plan we have is to buy back the honey from the farmers at a fair price, conditioned it and sell it in Burkina. This will be good for the farmers, it will create some employment and also bring some resources to our organization in Burkina.

blog 2015 01 24 6The hives of Bona being loaded on a small tractor. The driver is starting the tractor with a crankshaft (no battery).

It will have to drive about 35 km to the village of Bona.


Video of the week

Each week I will try to put a short video on the blog. This first one presents the director of the LAP, Macaire.


My name is Macaire Dabilougou, I am the director of the LAP (Agricultural secondary school). There are 226 students at the LAP. In addition to the direction I am also the agronomy teacher. My objective is to teach students best agricultural practices so that they can divulgate them to their parents during the vacations.

Saying of the week (thanks to Jim)

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Le test de notre progrès n’est pas si nous ajoutons plus d’abondance a ceux qui ont beaucoup, il est de savoir si nous fournissons assez pour ceux qui ont peu. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Have an excellent week,


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