12 February 2017

Bush Fires

Men in Burkina usually start bush fires. They are a way to hunt animals (rats, rabbits) or in the process to clean a piece of land (burning trees). They are very bad for the nature since most of the fires are not controlled. The bush fires destroy many trees such as karité or néré trees.

Some birds are very happy with those fires. The milans who turn above the fires looking for small animals trying to escape the fire and the aigrettes which stay just on the ground close to the fire waiting for crikets jumping in front of the fire.

Menstruation protection kits

We have already talked about this project, which is to provide girls and women with washable / reusable protections for their periods.

A major part of the project is the awareness made via presentation on sexual information. Many of the women have not been to school and what is happening to their body each month is a mystery.

We have started to give presentations in villages and at women associations in Bobo Dioulasso.

Beatrice (local) and Marion (French trainee) do the presentations. The women listening to the presentation are very interested. Some of them are ashamed to hear words linked with women’s or men‘s sexual organs, lowering their head and not looking at the pictures.





Beekeeping training

We have been able to raise funds for hives for beekeeping. Each beekeeper receives five hives and the needed equipment to harvest the honey. We buy the raw honey (honey + wax) from the beekeepers at a fair price and condition it for sales in Burkina.

Last Saturday we had a training session for 25 new beekeepers.

Odile and Macaire during the presentation.

Food is served after the meeting (important part of the training)

New project: Internet availability in a village

Odile, Zalissa, Marion and I went to Sokourani this Sunday to check on the need for “internet café” in a village.

It was very interesting and we have been able to gather some good ideas from the villagers.

Their most important need today is not internet, but secretarial work (copy, typing letters) and money transfers via telephone. They do not have a shop nearby to cash or make a transfer.

In addition, there is a need for a place where students can study at night. The solar panels of the internet café can also be used for that.

We will do the same meeting in a couple of other villages to validate this new project.

Marion trying to carry water on her head. A lot of fun.

Finally, some birds











Proverb of the week

A king who does not tolerate comments about his mouth should not eat in public.

Un roi qui ne tolère pas les commentaires sur sa bouche ne devrait pas manger en public.

If you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm.

Si vous avez besoin d’un coup de main, vous en trouverez une à la fin de votre bras.

I wish you a great week,