26 February 2017

This week was mostly dedicated to awareness meeting to women about their period cycles and the kit of protection we are offering them.

No visit to the LAP this week.

We did talk to men about other projects

Cashew nuts project / grafting

Cashew nuts are becoming interesting to produce; price is going up every year. We are looking at the interest for farmers to plant the cashew nut trees. For this, they need to have land available. We also found out that elephant love cashew trees (for the fruits, but also for the bark of the trees. Since there are elephants roaming around some of our villages, better not attract them more.

The cashew nut tree can start to produce after 3 years. We wanted to grow some seedling from cashew nuts at the LAP. However, we have find out that grafting was the way to go. The research inst
itute for agriculture in Burkina has been selecting trees, which give good production of fruits every year. They take grafts from those trees to produce good producers.

We are looking at a collaboration with this research center to plant cashew nuts trees, which could be used to take out grafts.

The project will be to provide those improved trees to the farmers willing to plant them.

Presentation to the women

Odile and Marion did the presentation in two villages: Kofila and Nefrelaye.

A very good crowd at Kofila. A very good mix between young and less young women.

Very interested crowd, but not many questions at the end of the presentation.

Much more enthusiasm in Nefrelaye with also many women of all ages.

Marion presenting the period cycle in Nefrelaye.

Marion demonstrating how to use the kit of protection.

What is this woman thinking?

Feeding time at meetings

Proverb of the week

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Les enfants doivent apprendre à penser et non ce qu’ils doivent penser.

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men

Il est plus facile de construire des enfants forts que de réparer des hommes brisés.

Have a good week,