29 January 2017

Week 2 of this trip.

Cotton farmers

The harvest of cotton has been going on since November and is normally ending in December. Groups of farmers bring the cotton to a central place. It is weighed and each farmer of the group knows how much he has brought. The cotton company Sofitex comes to pick up the cotton in containers and then the farmers have to wait to be paid. Depending of the year it can take 2 to 4 months between the time the cotton is picked up and the time they receive the check.

Cotton is still the main cash crop from the farmers in our area. They start to work the field with input provided by Sofitex in June of a year to be paid for their production between March and May of the following year. The cash received by the farmers for their work is small in regards of the work needed to produce the cotton and in regards of the degradation of the fertility of ground. For me the cotton farmers are the slaves of Sofitex, but it seems they do not to dare to look at alternative crop. Sofitex provides the input at a cost, which they set and buy the cotton at a price they also set. Sofitex has also the exclusive right of cotton activities over a large area of Burkina, so no competition.

Some activities at the LAP

At the girls’ foyer, a girl is watering the vegetables. They have decided to have their own garden inside the foyer after they have seen that the boys had started this activity.

Other girls are sorting out the smoked fish after it has dried a bit more in the sun.

Students of second year watering eggplants and onions in their garden.

Fruits in our yard in Bobo

Fruit trees are starting to produce. In our yard, we have papaya, cashew, mango, coconuts, jackfruit, and lime.















Bird eating the fruit of the cashew tree.











Question of the week

In our yard, we have also this fruit tree.

What is it?

Proverb of the week

L’union augmente les forces des plus petites choses, la désunion ruine insensiblement les plus grandes.

Unity increases the forces of the smallest things, disunity insensibly ruins the greatest.

Pierre-Claude-Victor Boiste

Le mariage est l’union de deux imperfections qui s’entraident sur le chemin de la vie.

Marriage is the union of two imperfections that help each other on the path of life.

Henri-Frédéric Amiel

Have a great week.