Back in Burkina since one week. Rains have started, which makes it cool during the rain, but very humid and hot after the rain.

Political situation in Burkina

Last Sunday was the “elections municipals” (election of mayors). Very little turn out (around 40%). The MPP (party of the president) got most of the towns.

People here have realized that the new people managing the country are exactly the same as the previous ones: corruption and nepotism. They have also found out that the people leading the country during the year of transition were even more corrupted. The ex-prime minister Zida was appointed ambassador to the US. This was changed very fast when information came out about the amount of funds he had stolen. He is now asking for exile status in Canada….

Difficult to know how things can change. All the leaders can be put in the same basket. Sometimes it is better not to look to far from where you are and hope that the people around you can be honest.

Distribution of the first menstrual kits for protection of girlsDistribution of the first menstrual kits for protection of girls

During their periods, girls and women here have a lot of difficulties to protect themselves. Together with Eugenie we are developing a program to bring to some of them a kit with washable pads. We have distributed the first kits to the 8 scholarship girls we have in the agricultural school of Bingo.

blog_2016-05-28_3Even before opening their bags, girls were happy to receive a very nice colored bags. It gives the girls a lot of confidence about the products inside.

We will talk another time about the projects we have regarding those kits.

Bronze artists in Ouagadougou

Since more than 15 years we are buying bronze statues from various artists in Burkina Faso. Those statues are sold under the name Burkin’art and the profit is for the ASAP foundation.

Coming in Burkina and going out we always visit the artists to check on new things. Hennie (friend in NL) has always pushed some of the artists to develop their patinas technique. He even has offered them a book on the subject. It took some time but we can start to see some results. Some pictures of statues recently produced.

If you are interested do not hesitate to contact Manuela at

Burkin'art limited edition


Story from Jean (French friend)

There was once a king who wanted to go fishing …
* … He calls his meteorologist end asks him trends for the following hours.
He was reassured that he could go fishing. The king then went fishing not expecting rain. To please the queen, he puts his best clothes. On the way he meets a farmer riding his donkey who, seeing the king, says, “Sire! it is better that you go back home because it will rain a lot in a short while. ”
Of course, the king still thinks, “How can a beggar know the weather better than my highly paid specialist with degrees”. “Let’s go fishing ……” and that’s what he did … But he soon began to pour out of the sky. The king returned soaked, and the Queen mocked seeing him in such a sorry state.
Enraged, the king returned to the palace, dismisses his meteorologist and he summons the peasant offering him the vacancy ……..
But the peasant refused, saying: “Sire, I am not one who understands anything in this business of weather and climate, but I know that if the ears of my donkey are lowered it means it will rain ”
The king then hired the ass …
Thus began in this country a custom to recruit asses as the best paid councilors.

Il était une fois un roi qui voulait aller à la pêche…
*… Il appelle son météorologue et lui demande l’évolution pour les heures suivantes.  Celui-ci le rassure en lui affirmant qu’il pouvait y aller.        
Le roi va alors tranquillement à la pêche car pas de pluie prévue.  Pour complaire à la reine il met ses plus beaux atours.
Sur le chemin, il rencontre un paysan monté sur son âne qui, en voyant le roi, dit : « Sire ! mieux vaut que vous rebroussiez chemin car il va beaucoup pleuvoir dans peu de temps.”
Bien sûr, le roi continue en pensant : « Comment ce gueux peut-il mieux prévoir le temps que mon spécialiste diplômé, grassement payé, qui m’a indiqué le contraire.
« Poursuivons…… » et c’est ce qu’il fait …
Mais il se met bientôt à pleuvoir à torrents.
Le roi rentre trempé, la reine se moque de le voir dans un si piteux état.
Furieux, le roi revient au palais et congédie illico son météorologue, puis il convoque le paysan lui offrant le poste vacant……..
Mais le paysan refuse en ces termes : « Sire, je ne suis pas celui qui comprend quelque chose dans ces affaires de météo et de climat, mais je sais que si les oreilles de mon âne sont baissées cela signifie qu’il va pleuvoir ”
Et le roi embaucha l’âne…
C’est ainsi que commença dans ce pays la coutume de recruter des ânes pour les postes de conseillers les mieux payés.


I am staying in Burkina until the end of June. Hope you are all well.