I know that some of you have very cold weather. Here it is nicely warm (22 at night 36oC in the day), but with a rather strong wind, bringing a lot of dust in the air.


A bi-annual film festival happened in Ouagadougou (Capital of Burkina Faso). It is held this year between February 28th and March 7th.

One of the films presented is called Timbuctoo. Timbuctoo is a city in Mali which was taken by Jihadists about 2 years ago for over a year. The film is about the life of the habitants of this city during this period. It has won major awards in France and close to 1.000.000 people went to see it.

A few days before the opening of the FESCAPO, some pressure was put on the organizers not to show the film. It was for security reasons? Hopefully the film will be presented.

It is a sad and tiring to feel the power that extremists have got.

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A typical set up of houses in a Mossi village


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“The white gold of Burkina” they say, “I don’t think so”, I answer.

A lot of cotton is still laying in the fields as on the picture above. Normally it is picked up by the “slave driver” Sofitex latest by the end of January. Sofitex has a problem to process the volume produced by the farmers. Until it is weighed by a person from the Sofitex, the cotton is under the responsibility of the farmers. They are mostly scared about fires.

This year most of cotton is classified as second category which is paid about 10% cheaper than the first category. Farmers do not understand.

To get an order of magnitude, a good farmer will produce 1.200 kg of cotton on one hectare. The revenue for this will be 366 euro and the costs of the field input will be around 200 euro. This does not take into account the work done by the family!!

Nursery school of Nefrelaye

Just some impressions of this school. It always gives us goose pimples as we stand there watching the kids of 5 years old singing or reciting.

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The famous reciting of “the elephant”.

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After hand washing, the kids are ready to take their dishes and eat.

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ZONTA club in Nefrelaye

In November 2008, 4 ladies from the ZONTA club, spent a few days in Nefrelaye. They had financed the maison de la femme of this village. Upon their return in The Netherlands they sold the drawings made by the children of the villages. The collected funds allowed the women to have a covered area for their meetings.

There is still a painting hanging in the maison de la femme in memory of this event.

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Some villages’ impressions

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Women from Bona

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Mother and kid in Nefrelaye

Birds of the week

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Ugly one

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Nice one

Proverbs of the week

Trop de louange amène un chat à se prendre pour un lion.
Too much praise makes a cat believe he is a lion.

L’habitude endort la prudence.
Habit makes you careless.

Take good care,



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