9 April 2017

Some rains have finally come to cool the temperatures a bit. It is impressive to see the quick changes in nature due to these rains.

Flamboyant starting to bloom

Honey harvesting

It is the period for honey harvesting. In the past 2 years, we have been able to distribute 650 hives among women and men in our villages. We buy the harvested raw honey (wax and honey) from the beekeepers. We condition and bottle it, and sell it on the local market.

Honey is brought to us in plastic containers in which we weigh it












A beekeeper needed to transfer his honey from a metallic container into our plastic container

Children went crazy when they could clean the metallic container

Bees coming to drink at the water well

Modern hives

Traditional hives (in trees)

Beekeepers of Kofila

Final product


Different hairstyles

Zalissa (project manager at ASAP) and Marion

Pretty bird

Proverbs of the week

Le pauvre devine ce que donne la richesse, le riche ne sait pas ce que signifie la pauvreté.

Proverbe Chinois

The poor guess what wealth gives, the rich does not know what poverty means.

Chinese proverb

La richesse donne des jambes aux boiteux, de la beauté aux laids, et de l’intérêt aux larmes.

Proverbe Arménien

Wealth gives legs to the lame, beauty to the ugly, and interest in tears. Armenian Proverb

Hope you will have a nice week.