27 November 2016

This is the last blog of this trip. Not really looking forward to face the rains and cold weather in the Netherlands.


Women of the village of Fina

LAP news

It has been a very intense trip with a lot of work done for the LAP. Managing people is not easy anywhere. Hopefully we now have a stable team which will take the LAP forward. Sometimes I wonder if people are not taking initiatives because I am too critical or if it is because they do not have any new ideas.


Brake between lectures at the LAP


We need to prepare 3 meals per day for more than 200 people at the LAP. The existing kitchen was not really adapted with a lot of smoke and usage of a lot of wood.

We got the help from Theophile, a mason from Benin from the organization LIWEITARI managed by Heinrich from Switzerland.

In a week he was able to modify our kitchen with improved ovens which will decrease the wood use by around 50% and with almost no smoke in the kitchen. We are still waiting for the chimneys to be installed. He was also able to train 2 people who will be able to use the same technique where needed.


Kitchen with improved ovens

Project for kit of protection for women for their periods

Eugénie has been very busy this week. She was able to meet the regional director of the ministry of the women development. He was very enthusiastic and this led to 2 presentations of sexual education to local presidents of women organizations in Bobo Dioulasso (150 of them in 2 days). She also went to the village of Fina to make the same presentation.

Sometimes the questions of the women were for sexual therapy “why is the man only having pleasure and we don’t” …..

There is a real enthusiasm for the information which is given in this lecture and we have to put some brake on this enthusiasm. Eugénie will not be in Burkina for the next 6 weeks and we believe that it might be difficult for local women to give the messages the way Eugénie gives them.



Peuhl women from Fina


Some of the birds seen on an early walk around the LAP.



Proverb of the week

Birds sing not because they have answers but because they have songs

Les oiseaux chantent non parce ils ont des réponses, mais parce qu’ils ont des chansons

When you show the moon to a child, it sees only your finger

Lorsque vous montrez la lune à un enfant, il ne voit que votre doigt

Hope you are doing well.