26 March 2017

Eugénie arrived in Burkina Faso last Monday. She has already started on many activities despite the temperature, which is getting higher and higher together with the humidity.

Presentation to the women of the village of Fon

Eugénie just arrived and we had planned a presentation for her at the village of Fon. Over 125 women were attending this meeting, mainly about sexual education and the presentation of the kit of protection for their periods.

The meeting was in a classroom. As in the other villages a lot of interest from the women, who had no idea what was happening to their bodies during menstruation.

One of the women asked me to sit with her on the same chair she was sitting on. Then she told Eugénie that she wanted to be her co-wife.

Actions pour les Besoins des Femmes (ABF)

Actions for the needs of the women (ABF) is the association we have started to manage the project of the kits for protection.

We have found a space at the office of ASAP to set up a workshop where the kits will be produced. Marion did a fantastic job to organize the space while I was in Ouagadougou to meet Eugénie at the beginning of the week.

The first day at work for Eugénie, Marion, Lydie, Rachelle and Evelyne.

We needed to be ready for the visit of the head of UNICEF in Burkina on Wednesday morning.

UNICEF with another association, WATER AID, are looking for protection for girls in schools. May be an interesting, fast development for ABF.

Mid-term vacation for the students at the LAP

Before the 2 weeks’ vacation starts, the general supervisor had the good idea to organize some competition assisted by the sports teacher.

Football match between the third year and the fourth year.

Relay running for boys and girls

60 meters dash


Wrestling for boys and girls


The fourth year won the football game. A trophy, compliment of Marion’s brother Lucas, is proudly shown to the other students.

Proverb of the week

Le vrai bonheur coûte peu; s’il est cher, il n’est pas d’une bonne espèce. Chateaubriand

True happiness costs little; if it is expensive, it is not of a good kind. Chateaubriand

Tout bonheur est un chef-d’œuvre: la moindre erreur le fausse, la moindre hésitation l’altère, la moindre lourdeur le dépare, la moindre sottise l’abêtit. Yourcenar

All happiness is a masterpiece: the slightest mistake makes it false, the slightest hesitation alters it, the slightest heaviness disfigures it, and the least foolishness stupefies it.


Until next week