20 November 2016

Dust is in the air (not the title of a song), covering everything and irritating people’s eyes and throats. A lot of people with colds. It is also the time that the meningitis spreads with the dust. We will vaccinate the newest and the oldest children at the LAP this week.

Water carts

Probably you have seen those very pretty carts in the blog of last week (pictures of the container). The carts are the idea of Geraldo of Join the Pipe association. He has given us 8 of them. A big thanks to him. We are starting to distribute them for the 5 nursery schools we have opened right now.

The leaders of the schools are ecstatic when they got such a pretty and very useful cart. Now the women of the villages are seeing those carts and they also want one.


Water cart for the nursery school of Fina and Oualana


Those children in Fina could also use a cart. They are carrying 20 liters of water on their head for the teachers of the school. There is a water well at the school, but we have just learned that the water of this well does not taste right…. We will investigate.


Harvest time

Harvest time is at its fullest in November: cotton, corn, sorghum, sesame.


Farmers harvesting sesame


The sesame will then be taken to the farmer’s house where it will be trashed and then winnowed.

Soya being trashed


The result

Visit of Fina

In The Netherlands there is an organization of retired professionals called the PUM. They are donating some of their time to mainly help companies in developing countries. It goes from setting up an accounting system to help setting up proper maintenance for tractors.

In Fina we have asked the PUM to help us find a water expert who can guide us towards the best way to develop an area where there is a water source. The coordinator from the PUM was in town and we took him to the spot. We hope this will result in a positive answer from the PUM to our request.


Discussion with the villagers.


One of the classes of the nursery school in Fina with the head of the school.


I made several trips to the LAP this week since we do not have a director. Things are ok even though I am doing too much and we need to look for a strong leader for the school.


Charles the new husbandry teacher supervising the students working the land in one of the chicken coops.


Last trip I described the watering system using clay pots buried in the ground. We are using this at the LAP to water the plant in the nursery.

Majestic and amazing trees


At the water source in Fina there are amazing trees. The wind probably brought some sideways. Some of the roots still in the ground (left). The tree has developed roots which you can see vertically. they feed the tree and support it.


Majestic Baobab tree with fruits. Some darker part of the trees are bee swarms.

Proverbs of the week

L’erreur n’annule pas la valeur de l’effort accompli.

The error does not negate the value of the effort.

When the elephant stumbles, it is the ants that suffer.

Quand l’éléphant trébuche, ce sont les fourmis qui en pâtissent.

Have a good week.