02 April 2017

Along the way to a village, a patch of grass. Some rain had come a few days earlier. We wish rain would come to cool down the temperature.

About women associations

I come to realize that women associations are not really to work together, but it is to get something together.

Many organizations (we are one of them) are asking the women to be in an association if they want to be part of program. It is much easier to deal with the leaders of the association than with all the women individually. For us for example for our microcredit program, we cannot deal with 2.500 women, but we can with nine boards of associations.

In a group of 300 women in a village, they cannot all get along with each other’s. Generally, there are sub groups of women (by affinity, by location in the villages, by ethnical group) which got along fine.

Twenty years ago when we started learning about villages in Burkina, groups of women were working on a common field. The harvest was split between the women. The work was done on Sunday (their free day from the work on the husband fields). The women enjoy this time when they were together and could gossip around.

Today this does not exist anymore. It is or because the women do not get the needed piece of land from their husbands or because often the share of the work and of the harvest was not fair. Sad!!!

For the project of kit of protection for the periods of the women, we are now in contact with women associations in town. There exists another problem created by the projects themselves.

In order to show good level of participation to meetings, many projects gives food, drink and sometimes cash for women to attend a meeting. This is only for reporting purpose in order to comply with the objectives of the projects: so many women trained for a particular subject and for a particular budget.

When we try to organize meetings not giving anything (we believe it is the interest of the women to come), many associations do not even want us to come…… So far, we have been able not to give anything (because we do not have anything to give besides our lecture and our kits). We might have to concentrate on girls at school and university instead of the women association in town.

Water spring in the village of Sidi 2

Water is always in short supply and very difficult to access in many villages. We are looking for funds for 10 new water wells!!!!

In the village of Sidi 2, there is a spring at the bottom of a cliff. Women have to get down with 20 liters containers and climb back the container filled with the water of this spring.

We went there on Thursday to check out the spring. The idea was to empty the water in the area to check where the water was coming from. Not easy to bring down the water pump down the hill to the bottom of the canyon.

Many villagers joined us to watch what was happening

We manage to get all the water out!!!!!

We could see the water coming out of many holes in the rock

The next step will be to make a large hole in the rock to see if we can capture enough water to pump it up the slope in a water tank where the women can have an easy access to it.

Baobabs along the way

Proverbs of the week

Qui veut faire quelque chose trouve un moyen, qui ne veut rien faire trouve une excuse.

Who wants to do something finds a way, who does not want to do anything finds an excuse.

Il vaut mieux se disputer avec quelqu’un d’intelligent que de parler à un imbécile.

It is better to argue with someone intelligent than to talk to a fool.