05 March 2017

Eugénie is not in Burkina yet. She is with Claire in the US trying to help her with the cancer detected a few weeks ago. Temperature where she is -10oC when we have +42oC. Extreme!

Price of bread: Being an ex-French colony, Burkina Faso has adopted the bread as main food in the cities. In the villages, it is still corn-based meal.

When we arrived in Burkina the price of the “baguette” was 100 FCFA (0,15 euro). About 6 years ago it went to 125 FCFA (0,19 euro). This week it has gone to 150 FCFA (0,23 euro). They do say that the weight of the “baguette” has also increased, but who is coming to the baker with his scale? A 50% increase over 20 years, is this too much? Since the numbers over inflation are not to be trusted, there is very little possibility to judge.

Women’s day

8 March is women’s day all over the world. It is a free day in Burkina as in many African countries. It is the occasion for the women here to wear the new dress with material specially printed for 8 March. There are normally only one or two prints to choose from. This year there was at least 10 different ones. One of them was promoting the early marriage?? We were told that this material was taken out of the market. One piece of material to make a complete dress is sold at 11,5 euro.

On this particular day, women have the right to go out of the house and party. Also, the women are supposed to give the cash to the husbands to buy the food for the day and the men are supposed to prepare the food. It is to show them how difficult it is to prepare something with the little money they get.

Sidi 2

On Tuesday, Odile and Marion made a presentation to the women of Sidi 2.

It was a very interactive meeting with many questions from the group of over 100 women.

Some parts of the presentation the women definitely enjoy

We are coming to this village since over a year only. In August, we recruited nine children from this village for the LAP. A major consequence was that there was 50 more children at school this year. Every parent wants to have his or her child attending the LAP.

When the parents saw how respectful and well behaved the children had become, at the end of the year vacation, they are even more motivated.

A consequence is the lack of place at the school. The village managed to make a temporary classroom. We are looking for funds to help them build additional classrooms. Do not hesitate to contact us if you know potential source of funds. We thank you in advance.

Proverb of the week

Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.

Le changement est difficile parce que les gens surestiment la valeur de ce qu’ils ont et sous-estiment la valeur de ce qu’ils peuvent gagner en les abandonnant.

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.

Ce n’est pas le plus fort ou le plus intelligent qui survivra, mais ceux qui peuvent le mieux gérer le changement.

Have a nice week. For the men: do not forget March 8th!