2 July 2018

The rainy season seems to have finally arrived with rains every other day. Farmers and their families are busy working in the fields.

Challenges of having “only” one rainy season

In Burkina there is only one rainy season from June to September. This means that most families have to live off the revenues of 4 months of work!!

The first challenge is to seed at the right time. Farmers have to wait or the first rains to seed. If the rain comes early and the farmer seeds at this first rain there is a chance that the following rain will take a long time to come and that the farmer has to reseed. Also, if he waits too long to seed his fields the rain period might be too short for the type of plant he is growing to properly develop.

The second challenge is to work in the fields with almost nothing to eat. If the last harvest was bad, as it was the case last year, there is little food left in the granaries. Until the next harvest, a lot of families will have to do with only one meal per day. It will not be  easy to work under those conditions.

Some good news from the LAP

Our 44 fourth year student tried to pass the national exam called BEPC. 32 were successful, which was 72 %. Last year 29%  passed. Congratulations to the students and to the personnel of the LAP.

One new garden at the LAP

Closing day of the nursery schools, school year 2017-2018 

Last week it was closing day for the 5 nursery schools ASAP has built and is supporting. Parents are still amazed what small children (6 years old) can learn. We are also impressed to see how they develop in only 9 months.

Children of Kofila


Children of Nefrelaye

Children of Fina

It costs 80 euro to support one child for a whole school year. This includes a daily meal which children greatly appreciate when there is little to eat at home.

Sayings of the week

Faire rire, c’est faire oublier. Quel bienfaiteur sur la terre, qu’un distributeur d’oubli !

To make laugh is to make forget. What a benefactor on earth, a distributor of oblivion!

Victor Hugo

 Les forêts précèdent les hommes, les déserts les suivent.

Forests precede men, deserts follow them.


Have a good week,