It is nice to see so much green after a long period of brown colors

Fetishes have more power than our lectures

For many years we have been explaining to farmers that growing cotton is not profitable. We can demonstrate that to them and they can agree on our demonstration, but they will still grow cotton!!!

There are many reasons for that: afraid of changes, no proper information on alternatives, government weight and tradition.

Last year the harvest for cotton was bad due to bad pesticides distributed by the cotton company and a poor rainy season. Farmers have large credits with the cotton company.

This year a particular area of Burkina has decided not to produce cotton. Decision was made after consulting the fetishes. Farmers who would cultivate cotton would have problem. One of them did and his son became sick!!

High government officials went to the area to make them change their minds but without luck.

Fetishes can be good!!!

LAP closing day

Parents and students

Students of the 3rd year passed an in-house exam called the CAL (Certificat Agricole du LAP).

Odile (ASAP director) giving her diploma to a student.

The 32 students of the 3rd year got their CAL diploma.

The 32 students also went home with a chicken and one of the mango trees they had grafted.

Odile (ASAP director) giving her diploma to a student

Pamoussa (Director of the LAP) during his speech.

We had the honor of the presence of the director of the bank BICIA from Bobo. He was really surprised (positive way) on what has been realized

Above students selected by the other students from each class which received the price of “best student” (not academically)

One of the girls student

Students have returned to their villages. The LAP will open again on September 15th 2018 with around 250 boarded students.


Happy bird above with insect in his beak

Sad eye hornbill on the left

Saying of the week

An intelligent enemy is better than a stupid friend. — Senegalese proverb

Un ennemi intelligent vaut mieux qu’un ami stupide. – Proverbe sénégalais

Birds sing not because they have answers but because they have songs. — African proverb

Les oiseaux chantent non parce qu’ils ont des réponses mais parce qu’ils ont des chansons. – Proverbe africain

Have a good week,