Reminder: These temperatures are taken in the shade.

Yesterday we heard a big bang in our bed room. An electrical insect repeller blew out of its socket. The rest of the power went down as well. We called our electrician who found out that we had 380V coming in instead of 220v!!! One air-conditioning, one ventilator, two telephone chargers and some fuses where burned. We were lucky that the damages were limited to only our bedroom and some fuses elsewhere.

The electrical company came only this morning to check the problem. Just rust in the input box and very unstable power: we measured almost 400 v this morning on some phases!!!!

Pessimist outlook on the future of traditional agriculture

In the middle of the week we met with the person in charge of trees and vegetables at the national research institute of Burkina Faso. For him, a farmer has only a 50% chance to get a proper harvest for traditional crops (corn, cotton, peanuts, sorghum). The changes in the rainy season are in part responsible for that, but also poor soil and more attacks from insects. He is convinced that only farmers with access to water for irrigation will be able to survive.

This confirms our objectives to help villages to have access to more water. We are working on a project of a dam in the village of Sidi 2. If it is feasible, the villagers will have another source of income through gardening.

Working our way down to the bottom of the “marigot”

LAP cultural day

In March the school ‘t Atrium in Amersfoort (NL) had an action day for our foundation. They collected more than 13.000 euro in a single day. There were activities such as Djembe workshop, dance workshop, many type of games organized by the students, fashion show, sponsored run…. I have made a video of those activities and this was shown to the students of the LAP.

The results was the organization of a cultural day at the LAP. There are 3 main ethnical groups in the school: Mossi, Bobo and Toussian. It took place yesterday at the same time that there was a return football match between a the secondary school of  neighboring village Bah and the team of the LAP.

Many people attended the event. It was a great success for parents, students and teachers.

The LAP team won 1-0. Both team received a trophy

The amphitheater was full.

Fashion show

All the participants to the show

Some of the models

African tale

Food testing

Traditional dances

A video will be edited which give a better idea of the atmosphere of the event.

Story of the day

There is a story says that a donkey went to eat flour. His nose was all white. In order not to be caught as the culprit, he went to rub his nose on all the other donkeys. This is why donkeys have a white noses.

L’histoire dit qu’un âne est allé manger de la farine. Son nez était tout blanc. Afin de ne pas être attrapé il est allé se frotter le nez sur les autres ânes. C’est pourquoi les ânes ont un nez blanc.

Good health to all of you.