22 October 2017

Eugénie and I are back in Burkina Faso since one week.

Eugénie had expected to see our house all repainted inside. Well it was not, and it required her a lot of energy in this first week to make the house ready for 3 Dutch guests who arrived on Friday.

Harvest time in Burkina

Some lack of rains in September has proven very bad for the yield of the harvest for this year. This is particularly true for cotton (where farmers get the cash) and for corn (from which families can eat). The harvests are not completed, but farmers will have a tough time to make ends meet.

Harvest of peanuts drying in the sun in our farm of Sokourani.

Political situation

There were 3 leaders of the political party in power in Burkina MPP. One of them, Salif Diallo, died end of August. He was very mean but he was also a leader. From the 2 remaining ones, the president is very weak. The ministry of interior has lost all credit because of some bad decisions and with the lack of results against the terrorists.

All this gives a lack of confidence to the investors in Burkina Faso. The corruption is still very much everywhere and everybody with some high position is trying to get more that he deserves. There is a fund called FAFPA, giving funds for training (ICT, farming, …). In September the director of this fund, who had been in place for only 8 months, has (together with his treasurer) embezzled more than 150.000 euro.

I am not really optimistic for the future of Burkina. But we can still try to make a small difference in the area where we work.

News about the LAP

The new school year has started with 189 students (98 girls and 91 boys). All are fully boarded. We started this school year with a new director and with 4 new permanent people and 2 new temporary teachers. A lot of changes but we can already see the change in the discipline at the LAP.

The right side of this building has been completed thanks to the ‘t Atrium school from Amersfoort and Wilde Ganzen. It has 3 new rooms: a library, a teachers room and one office.


Teachers room


Lunch at the boys’ foyer

Citations of the week

Le luxe est une affaire d’argent. L’élégance est une question d’éducation.

Luxury is a matter of money. Elegance is a matter of education.

Tristan Bernard

L’art de gouverner consiste à prendre le plus d’argent possible a une catégorie de citoyens pour le donner à une autre.

The art of governing is to take as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give it to another.


Have a nice week.