20 August 2017

Eugenie and I are back in Burkina Faso for 2 weeks. Eugenie immediately got busy with painting in our house and working with the workshop making the kits of protection for girls and women.

Field of Beans in our farm of Sokourani

Relation between Burkina and the Jihadists

We were in the hotel in Ouagadougou last Sunday when we heard several gun fires while eating. A terrorist attack was taking place in the center of Ouagadougou. We cancelled some visits we had planned the next day and drove directly to Bobo Dioulasso.

When Blaise Compoare was president he was playing a role of mediation in Mali between the various groups of Touareg and the Malian government. Some of those Touaregs were even in the closed protection of this ex-president. A lot of traffic was supported by Burkina. Since he has been outed, this has stopped and Burkina became a target of the terrorists.

A lot of those groups are getting rich from smuggling (drugs, arms, people). Since Libya disintegrates arms and Jihadists are flowing in the North Mali.

One of the reaction has been to send united nations blue helmets to Mali. Some of them are from Burkina. They are supposed to protect the local population and to combat the terrorists / smugglers / jihadists. In order to do so you need to have motivated soldiers with proper equipment and good leaders. None of those are the reality.

Each military affected there got a bonus of about 1.000 US per month. Those bonus are racketed by the top chiefs: 25% of the bonus has to be given to them. Not very good for the motivation and this does not show very good leadership. In addition the equipment provided does not work. For the example the ammunition provided are or of bad quality or not adapted to the arms??? Not very good to fight people who are them very well equipped.

All this is controlled by the United Nations who are paying for this. The controllers probably receive also something to sign on.

This is really not a way to eliminate terrorism. What makes me mad is that many people know about this (or there are a lot of blind people) and that nothing is done to change this. The United Nations is definitely not helping with the peace keeping operations.

Farm of Sokourani

On this farm we have cultivated a total of 14 hectares of peanuts, beans, soya and sesame. The soya did not grow well, we are suspecting the quality of the seeds. The sesame has just been seeded. For the peanuts and beans we are expecting very good yields. In this farm we have 9 of our students working during the vacation. They are applying what they have learned and also learning new things.

Students weeding a field of peanuts

Field of peanuts

Peanut plant with flower

On this field of beans we can see a major problem of erosion


The 5 girls of the group of 9 students: Rakiatou, Celine, Sandala, Colette and Tondia

During the rainy seasons caterpillars are eating the leaves of the shea trees (karité). Those caterpillars are eaten by the local people. It is full of protein. I did not try it yet….


Teak trees and its flower











Proverbs of the week

Qui veut faire quelque chose trouve un moyen, qui ne veut rien faire trouve une excuse.

Who wants to do something finds a way, who does not want to do anything finds an excuse.

Qui te craint en ta présence, te nuit en ton absence.

Who fears you in your presence, harms you in your absence.

Hope you have a safe week.