24 June 2018

It has been 2 weeks since I came back to Burkina Faso. This period is supposed to be the start of the rainy season, but only just this morning we got a long and steady rain.

First time we see fruit on this palm tree in our garden. Apparently we cannot eat them.






Situation in Burkina Faso

For a lot of families, it is a period of starvation. The harvest of 2017 was very bad and the granaries are empty, the new harvest will not come before September.

The government is distributing corn at a subsidized price. This distribution is made by corrupted people and often the corn does not reach the people in need. The government is also distributing seeds and fertilizer to farmers. The family has no food, you get seeds, instead of planting them, you eat them. You get fertilizer and you have no money, you sell it……

Some news on the LAP

The Lycee Agricole Privé is an ongoing project. We have to take care of the present and develop for the future.

This year we have 188 students and 44 of them have passed the national exam this week, after the 4 years of the first cycle. Results will be known beginning of July. Exciting!!!!!

While the 4th year students passed their exam, the students of the 3 other years are busy with preparing the fields of the LAP and preparing the end of the year show (music, theater, poetry). Girls are also sewing and knitting.









Next year we will have over 250 boarded students with the opening of a second cycle of 4 years of studies. We need a new class room, tables, new dormitories, new housing for teachers…

New house for teacher

New dormitory for the girls

4 new piglets at the piggery








Thanks to all who are supporting this project. Make sure your friends know about it.

Container September 2018

We will send a container in September. We are still looking for computers and printers not too old and in working condition.

Proverb of the week

On ne peut pas peindre du blanc sur du blanc, du noir sur du noir. Chacun a besoin de l’autre pour se révéler.

You cannot paint white on white, nor black on black. Everyone needs the other to reveal himself.

Les défauts sont semblables à une colline, vous escaladez la vôtre et vous ne voyez que ceux des autres.

Defects are like a hill, you climb yours and you only see those of others.

Until next week,