29 October 2017

The grass is already dry, the consequence of a very short rainy season. This means that early bush fires can be expected.

Meeting of the parents at the LAP

Last Saturday, we had a meeting with the parents at the LAP. Each of the 12 villages where the students are coming from, have 2 representatives in the parents board.

Before the meeting with all the parents we had a pre-meeting with the representatives. The issues discussed in this meeting are then presented to all the parents by the board. This ensures a better appropriation of the subjects and easier communication since it is done in local language.

Teachers and support staff were presented to the parents. More than 50% of them have been changed.

This year we have 189 students at the LAP. There were 123 parents present at the meeting. Some are coming mainly for the lunch which served after the meeting, but many asked pertinent questions.

The second year class

No chickens in the chicken coop yet, but vegetables.

It is nice to see this year’s development at the LAP. So far the changes in personnel seems to be paying off.


Witchcraft is something people strongly believe in here. Everybody has stories about it. If a person is known as a wizard, everybody is scared of him.

In the district where we have an office, an man of 70 years old was arrested last month for raping a young girl. As soon as the arrest was known, a lot of stories came out about many other girls he had raped in the past years. Nobody dared to talk because they believe he was a wizard. If somebody would denounce him, this person would be cursed by him and/or get killed. The pedophile had free reign for years…

Dengue fever

As if Burkina Faso does not have enough to cope with, the dengue fever is now found in large towns. Last week more than 30 people died from it in the capital.

The only way to prevent this epidemic is to use insecticides to kill the mosquitoes which propagate the decease. Is Burkina equipped for this type of action?

Water well at the school of Sidi 2

Last week we realized a water well in the yard of the school of Sidi 2.

Drilling rig on location. The well was drilled at a depth of 74 meters.

After the well was drilled and equipped of a casing, it was pumped to clean it.

When the villagers saw the water running on the ground they rushed to get containers to catch the water.

The blue pump was then installed. The proud director with children all around the well.

Before this, they were getting water from a well that was 1 kilometer away.

Citations from Jean Paul Sartre

“Quand beaucoup d’hommes sont ensemble, il faut les séparer par des rites, ou bien ils se massacrent »

“When many men are together, they have to be separated by rites, or they slaughter each other.”

« Le monde est iniquité ; si tu l’acceptes, tu es complice, si tu le changes, tu es bourreau. »

“The world is iniquity; if you accept it, you are an accomplice, if you change it, you are an executioner.”

Have a nice week,