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100% success rate for the 8th year students of the LAP

The results of the 4th year students (72%) and of the 6th year (89%) were not bad at all.

The 8th year students (final year at the LAP) had a fantastic success rate with all 20 students getting their diploma of BAC Pro Agricole.

This is the first group coming out of the LAP and everybody is very proud of this success. Congratulations to them, to their teachers and supervisors.

The students had to go to the small town of Kokologo to pass the exam. We had arranged their stay in class rooms of a school in this town. They had to sleep on mats on the ground for the 2 weeks they were there.

Not very easy conditions, but it did not affect the performance of the students.

Impression: video English

Impression: video French

Happiness on the face of the students after they got their results.

These students have been 8 years at the LAP in a protected environment. Now they have to face “life”. Most of them will probably keep studying in other schools or universities.

We wish them a lot of success in their new challenge.

Ginger project

We continue to look for ways to increase the revenue of the women in the villages. The activities have to be accepted by the husbands of the women: no competition time wise with other activities and ground needed for the activities has to be available.

This year we are making a test for the culture of the ginger in the village of Sipigui. There are spaces between the fruit trees (cashew nuts, mango trees) which is not exploited.

The group of women being trained in Sipigui

Ginger seems to grow better in the shade which will come from the fruit trees. By turning the ground between the trees we helps the trees and since we also will use some compost, it will fertilize them as well.

Some of the villagers have cultivated ginger in the past, but the difficulty has been to sell their production. Our plan is that APPA will buy their production, transform it (dry ginger, powder) and sell it. This will had  a product to the food products already produced and sold by APPA, honey and soumbala.

For this try out each women his getting 45kg of ginger seeds and 2 bags of 40kg of compost on credit.

Ginger seeds

At time of harvest, they will receive the value of the harvest minus the credit. We will use this credit repayment to help other women for this program.

To make the project sustainable, the women of this first group have asked us to also retain an amount for the seeds needed for the coming year. This shows their confidence in the project.

Ginger plantation covered with mango leaves to keep the moisture.

Ginger takes a long time to grow, we will not know before December / January how successful this try out will have been.

Sayings of the week

“Traditionalists are pessimists about the future and optimists about the past.”  Lewis Mumfor

“The separation of church and state protects people of all faiths and no faith. No religion should be able to exercise control over a government and thereby dictate its theology onto any diverse group of free people.”  Laurence Overmire

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