Back in Burkina since 10 days. Eugénie staid in The Netherlands waiting on news on Claire health.

In 2022 this will be 25 years that we have started to help some villages in Burkina Faso, it is also the 10 years of the LAP!!!

What’s new since I left end of July?

Situation in Burkina

In term of security, nothing has really changed besides the people in charge of security at the government and of the military leadership. So far no impact on the control of the territory in the North of the country.

The rainy season has been very bad. It has started late beginning of July (=late seeding of the field) and it has stop also very early (mid-September). Crops could not develop fully and harvests will be poor in general. This is true for all type of crops.

What has not changed is the friendliness of the Burkinabé, luckily!

News on activities in the villages

There are 3 new large projects which are in phase of implementation.

Through a project called PADEL-B (funded by the World Bank) we will be able to equip the beekeepers (50% are women) with an additional 1.650 hives. This requires a lot of time since it involves 8 beekeepers cooperatives, a manufacturer of hives and our organisation. The funding id split in 3 parts: cash from the beneficiaries, loan from a bank and subsidy from the project.

We have secured the funding of the construction of a medical centre for the village of Sipigui. This means construction of a medical dispensary, a maternity clinic, a pharmaceutical depot, 2 houses and latrines. The building will be equipped with solar energy and a water well will be realised.

Women of Sipigui on the location where the medical centre will be built.

We need to send hospital beds, delivery table, desks, chairs, metallic cabinets and shelves with a container from The Netherlands.

Let us know if you have contact for such equipment

The day Odile (our local director) went to the village of Sipigui to tell the good news, 2 women had delivered their baby along the road on the way to the existing medical canter 17 km away. They could not cross a river with high water at this time of the year,

Odile with one of the baby and mother who delivered on the side of the road.

Finally we will be able to equip 4 women cooperatives with equipment for the production of shea butter. This will reduced both time and effort to produce this butter.

News about the LAP

The school year has started with 303 students (156 girls and 147 boys).

We have also added a head teachers and a sport teacher. There is now 20 permanent staff at the LAP.

Some of the personnel of the LAP

For the infrastructure we have built one class room and 2 dormitory rooms during the vacation period.

The last class room on the right completing the building

There will be many challenges for this new school year, but the main one will be to secure sponsors for the students in order to cover the structural costs.

If you can help or know somebody who can do not hesitate to act!!! Donation in the Netherlands can be made via our website using a QR code, in the US and England via the site of Global Giving and for France on the website of A Petit Pas.

Some pictures along the way

Quotes of the week

Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand. African proverb

Light is the task where many share the toil. Homer

Until next week,


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