Time flies, the last week of this trip is coming up. The rising temperatures and the increasing humidity are making it difficult to work outside.

Ramadan is starting today. I am amazed how people can stop drinking during the whole day in this climate. You have to have a very strong will/faith.

News from the LAP

The LAP has registered 17 students for the regional athletic competition between schools.

All 7 girls and 6 of the 10 boys have qualified for the next level.

Next competition will be April 10th.

The 17 students were able to use the sportswear given to them by our partner school “‘t Atrium” from Amersfoort in The Netherlands.

As you can see on the picture above, our students are running barefoot. May be some people can collect used running shoes which we can take to the students!

We have just equipped one of the water wells we have at the LAP with a 5m³ polytank. The water well was previously equipped with a hand pump.

Now the water is pumped in the polytank by a downhole pump powered by the solar panels.

This water is used for the gardens and the animal workshops.

Chilli peppers using the drip irrigation system.

Pretty pineapple. Unfortunately it is the only one….

While we were visiting the village of Sokourany we saw a group of our students ready to go back to school after 10 days vacation. The ride will last at least 2 hours on dirt roads!

Lunch program in primary schools

Granary levels are very low and the next harvest is not before November. There are always some difficulties for families to go through what is called “la période de soudure” (time between the end of their own food stocks and the new harvest). This year will be particularly difficult.

This is why lunch at the primary school is very important for the children.

ASAP is 25 years old!!!

We are launching a campaign for “food”.

It costs 25 euro to feed one child for the whole school year. Do you want to celebrate with us and help? You can donate via the QR code below:

The meal consists of rice, beans, oil and salt.

ASAP supports 15 primary schools which have 3.752 pupils this school year. Thank you for your support!

Quotes of the week

“If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” Mother Teresa

“We know that a peaceful world cannot exist a long time with one-third rich and two-thirds hungry.” Jimmy Carter

Have an excellent week, stay safe and healthy.



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