Back in Burkina for a period of about 2 months, Eugenie will be arriving in a few days. My trip to Burkina was a little bit disturbed by the strike of the pilots of Air France. It is really a shame to see such actions taking place. When will French people be able to discuss things normally like in countries like Germany or The Netherlands without taking users in hostage?

General news about Burkina

It is supposed to be the end of the rainy season here. It looks however as if we are in the middle of it, with a lot of very heavy rains.

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Next weekend will be the Tabaski Muslim celebration. Families have to kill a sheep, not really a feast for them.

Ebola situation in Burkina

No cases of Ebola have been found in Burkina Faso so far. Burkina has no direct borders with the countries with the Ebola epidemic. However travelers can come from Sierra Leone, Liberia or Guinea. When you arrive at the airport in Ouagadougou, you have to wash your hands with a cleaning solution and they measure your temperature with a type of gun.

On the way from Ouagadougou to Bobo Dioulasso, I was sitting in the bus besides an epidemiologist who is working at the hospital in Bobo and makes research in Marseille (France). As for other type of epidemic disease such as meningitis, he believes that the authorities will come out public with cases of Ebola only if they cannot hide them. This is to avoid to create panic. On the other hand the health system in Burkina in rather well organized throughout the country. It is not really efficient in caring for people but it is very good in filling in reports. This might be a plus in this case.

People here talk a lot about it and strange stories are coming out. Since the Ebola outbreak was in places with forest and a lot of rain, I was told that Ebola will not come to Burkina because it does not like sun. Somebody infected coming through the border will be cured because there is a lot of sun in Burkina!!!!!! A lot of people believe in this type of story.

Ebola crisis, even if it not in Burkina, has a lot of economic impacts on the country. International fairs are cancelled, tourists /visitors cancel their trips…..

Political situation in Burkina

The presidential elections should be in November 2015. The actual president cannot be elected for a third term unless the constitution is changed. He has been trying to push for a referendum to make it possible to amend the constitution.

End of August there was a very large demonstration against this in the capital Ouagadougou. A crowd 7km long of people marched through the city. It seems this strong show of the opposition made him change his mind. He is now trying to gain some time by asking a couple of years more in order to “finish what he has started”. In reality it is to be able to reorganize his succession. He does not have a good candidate in his party yet. Also during a meeting with the leaders of the opposition, he proposed himself as an intermediary in the discussion between the opposition and his own party!!!!!

One way out for him, some people say, would be to support a coup d’état. He has already organized at least 2 in the past, so he is experienced with that.

Western countries would like some stability in the area. Supporting the actual president is a way of having this stability. They are not counting on the very strong feeling against the president from a majority of the population. If he forces his way for another term, it can bring chaos in Burkina. They do not need this.

News about ASAP

It is the beginning a new school year. A lot of work needed to make sure everything is in place.

Scholarship holders in Banfora

45 students are receiving a scholarship for boarding schools in Banfora (22 girls and 23 boys). Friday last week was their departure for the new school year. We will have 15 students passing the baccalaureate (exam at the end of secondary studies) and 8 passing the BEPC (exam after 4 years of secondary school).

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Bags were given by an organization in Belgium.

Agricultural secondary school LAP

We are still looking for sponsors for the students of this new school year. If you want to have more info, do not hesitate to contact Nicola at

Just a few lines about the LAP on this blog. I will give more information on my next blog.

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The wall around the new foyer for the boys

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The toilets and showers being built and the house for the person in charge of the foyer.

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The first dormitory (we will need another 3) which is accommodating 37 boys.

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The red bird is trying on his Burberry coat.

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A moorhen trying to hide.

Proverbs of the week

The value of peace is never known until the peace is disturbed
La valeur de la paix est connue seulement lorsqu’elle est perturbée

To run is not necessarily to arrive. ~ Swahili proverb
Le fait de courir n’est pas suffisant pour arriver. ~ Swahili proverbe

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