During confinement, with a minimum of social contacts and outings, time can feel like it is dragging. Younger people, being less vulnerable to the virus, do not understand the reduction of their freedom. Let’s hope soon a solution will be found which will permit a more normal social life.

First year students at the LAP

Black Friday

Each year end comes with a period of over-consumption: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas….

In the USA, in 2019, the average household spent 525 US$ on gifts resulting in 1 Trillion  of profits for large corporations. 46% of people lied about liking their gift. That was, per person, 210 USD of wasted money.

The sad part is that these excesses are developing very fast in Europe as well.

Consumerism is an addiction and should be treated as a disease.

Giving Tuesday

To surf on the Black Friday / Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday was created in 2012. Each year the donations on this day are growing. In 2019, in the US, 1,9 billion USD was raised in donation. Fantastic, but still 500 times less than what was spent on Black Friday.

This Holliday Season, spark some joy with the gift of a donation to your favorite charity.

ASAP has projects on the platform “Global Giving”. Donations on this platform will be receiving part of 1.000.000 USD at the prorate of amount received on Giving Tuesday December 1st.

If ASAP is your favorite charity, you could participate on the Giving Tuesday event on December 1st  2020 with one of the following project links:

https://goto.gg/14383 for a donation for the LAP,

https://goto.gg/47853 for a donation for refugee children for the LAP,

https://goto.gg/25408 for a donation for beekeeping for women

https://goto.gg/27379 for a donation for rural nursery schools

Thank you.

New equipment for the LAP

Last week two of the three machines we need in order to produce animals feed arrived at the LAP. More info on this project when all the equipment will be in place.

Quotes of the week

“A society that survives by creating artificial needs to efficiently produce unnecessary consumer goods does not appear likely to respond in the long term to the challenges posed by the degradation of our environment.”  Pierre Joliot-Curie

“The consumer society has favored “having” to the detriment of “being”.” (Jacques Delors).

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