Eugenie arrived in Bobo on Tuesday. One day late due to fog in Amsterdam. On Wednesday she was immediately asked to help vaccinate the children going to Banfora against meningitis. No lost time.

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After a week of dry weather, rains came back on Saturday and Sunday.

Political situation

It is difficult to know what is going on in Burkina. After a “successful” end to the coup, we could have thought that everything would be back to normal and that the elections would be in the very near future. Well it is not so. Very little news about a new date for the elections, gendarmes on the border with Mali were attacked.

What is the problem or problems?

Some says that the transition government is getting too comfortable and might want to stay longer. Others say that the general who made the coup knows too much and that he can destabilize the country if he starts to talk. Finally the few presidential guards who have fled (probably with arms) might want to create trouble.

What is the truth and are there other reasons for this feeling of unfinished business??

News from the LAP

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At the LAP gardens are being prepared to receive new vegetables. Classes have started as well.

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Scholarship holders

Besides the students at the LAP, we have 2 groups of other scholarship holders. One of 14 children (7 boys and 7 girls) going to an agricultural school in Bingo (about 35 km from Ouagadougou) and another of 24 children going to the schools in Banfora (11 girls and 13 boys).

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Students going to Bingo.

With the events in Burkina the start of the schools has been changed several times. Finally, the 8th of October was the start of the school. At the LAP we started on the lectures on September 28th.

Some story about students

Céline: when she was 6 years old she became servant of one of the lady teachers at the primary school of Kofila. The teacher found Céline very clever and she decided to register her in the primary school the following year. She then took the test for the LAP and was selected. In June she had her Secondary exam called BEPC and she is now going to follow her study in Bingo.

Odile: we have been sponsoring Odile for 6 years. She is studying in a school in Banfora and she was supposed to be going there last Wednesday to start her final year of secondary study. She did not show at our office. After a lot of phone calls, we have found out that she had gotten married and was pregnant. Since the boarding part of the school in Banfora does not accept pregnant students, she did not dare to come to see us. Finally she will still go to this school, but her husband will have to find her a home in the town of Banfora.

Benjamin: Benjamin is a third year student at the LAP. In May he lost his father and one uncle within 3 days. He really feels beaten. He is especially worried about the harvest of his family. Students at the LAP are staying at the school during the weekend. He has been asking the study director to go back to his village (25km) during the week end to help his family. After talking to his class mates, a large group of them agreed to go help pick up the corn on a Sunday he will choose. We will provide the transport. We hope this will help him to get out of his somber mood.

Women of Oualana

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On Sunday there was a meeting with the women of the village of Oualana. Purpose of the meeting was to renew the board of the association managing the nursery school. The old board had only 2 members out of 6 involved in the management of the school. Those women did not want to be replaced. They were probably getting some benefits out of their position.

The new board was put in place and after our visit, the old and new boards met to transfer the account and documents.

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Other pictures of this meeting

While we were discussing with the women of Oualana, Eugenie was busy at the LAP, installing curtains in the dormitories.

blog 2015 10 11 7Sylvie (head of the foyers, Eugenie, Odile (manager of ASAP Burkina) and Thomas (in charge of the boys foyers and of the equipment at the LAP) coming out of the girls’foyer.


From last week:

blog 2015 10 11 8It is the trunk of a cotton tree.

For this week: What is this plant?

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Proverb of the week

A smooth sea does not make a skillful sailor
Une mer calme ne fait pas un habile marin

One falsehood spoils a thousand truths
Un mensonge gâte mille vérités

Have a safe week.


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