18 November 2018

Completion of the school of Kouekouesso B

school of Kouekouesso B

The school is made of 2 such buildings. Each of them have 3 class rooms and 1 office space. The last class room was opened beginning of October 2018. This school has 285 students. It was funded by the French Association A Petits Pas.

Container 2018

Team of volunteers who have helped loading the container in The Netherlands

Early September we loaded another container of goods to be sent to Burkina. The container arrived beginning of November. It took 2 ½ weeks to go from The Netherlands to Abidjan by boat and then it took 1 month between Abidjan and Bobo Dioulasso by train!!!

A question we get all the time is why do you ship goods to Burkina instead of buying them locally? All expenses included, the shipping of 1m3 of goods costs around 120 euro. It is clear that if we only ship second hand clothes, that would not make sense. However, if you ship goods which we will use in our projects such has school tables, desks, filing cabinets and water pumps it is very interesting. The goods are given to ASAP for free and it would cost much more to get the same quality equipment in Burkina. Often they are not available.

All the personnel helped to unload the goods in Burkina (there were also men, not in the picture)

A new economic activity: neem oil production

The Neem is a tree with small fruits which contain an oil that has fungicide, anti-bacterial and insecticide properties. It is used as an insecticide for bio gardens and cultures. But it is also used in soap which makes it good for skin problems and helps to decreases transpiration smells. This soap is the most popular of the ones we produce.

Flowers and seeds of the neem tree

The seeds of the many trees in our villages are not used and fall on the ground. We have started to buy them from the women in the villages (extra income) and we are using a small hand press, made in The Netherlands by the company Piteba, to produce the oil at our Agricultural school (LAP). This oil is used for our soap but also in the gardens of the LAP.

In Europe neem is forbidden for use in gardens. It makes male insects infertile and thus decreases the biodiversity…. I think that sometimes you have to choose the less worst and I am not sure that chemical insecticides are better than neem oil if there are no good alternatives.

Pretty yellow beak bird

Yellow beak bird

Quotes from Socrates

Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live.

False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.

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