In Burkina, the population is getting tired of the government’s passive attitude towards the violence in the country. Last Saturday there were demonstrations across the country to denounce the worsening situation. At the beginning of the week, the president had fired the Ministers of the Interior and Defense under this pressure.

The marches still went on, people waiting for changes.

The Samendeni Dam with very low level of water

Rainy season

There is only one rainy season in Burkina. In in the area where we are it normally goes from mid-June to mid-October

In the past years, the dates of the start and the end of the rainy season have been changing. Last year the rainy season started early. This year we are still waiting for a real start of this season.

It has been raining, but with long periods of drought in between the rains.

At the beginning, farmers need rains to start be able to plough their fields. Then they have to wait for other rains to be able to seed. Without mechanisation both operations take a long time. Regular rains are needed to make sure that the fields are seeded in time.

At the end of the season, the rains have to last long enough for the plants to fully develop. If too short there is a chance of low yields. If it rains  too long, the farmers will loose some of their harvest since they do not have a place to keep it dry.

This is a difficult balance which is getting more and more difficult to achieve with the climate change.

Results of the exams at the LAP

The 6th year students were taking a national exam called “BEP Agricole”. Out of 25 students taking it, 22 passed it. Better results than last year and we  are the best agricultural school in Burkina!!!! The only negative part is that the 3 students who have not passed the exam are girls.

Students of the 6th year

The 4th year students were taking the national exam called “BEPC”. Out of 48 students 36 passed this exam. This is 75%, better than the 63% of last year but not yet reaching our minimum objective of 80%.

Closing ceremony of the school year

On July 6th, it was the closing ceremony of the school year at the LAP.  A trainer spent some hours each day with the students to prepare dances and theatre for this event. Parents who came to pick up their children could watch them perform.

With the good results of the exams, everybody was happy

Modern and traditional dances

The new school year will start on September 19th 2021

Quotes of the week

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. – Albert Einstein

Men argue. Nature acts. – Voltaire

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