After almost 6 months in The Netherlands, I am back in Burkina with Eugénie. It will be a short stay of 3 weeks.

The biggest challenge I think, in this period of uncertainty, is to find enough positive things in your life in order to forget a little about world difficulties and try to move on. It is very easy to become pessimistic and depressed.

In the Netherlands I have the chance to live close to a protected nature area. Daily walks (if weather allows) give me the chance to destress watching the birds living in this area. Watching a pretty sunrise or sunset is a good way to be ready for a new day or for a good night.

News from Burkina Faso

Rains: The rainy season has started very late this year. But the missed rains from June and the of beginning July seem to have been “reprogrammed” for September. Good for the people who have seeded late, but not good for the people who are starting to harvest since they do not have any covered space to protect their harvest.


In Burkina it is still difficult to know the real situation concerning the COVID 19. People here or do not believe in it or that it is dangerous. Main reason is the handling of the crisis by the authorities. In March, families were paid to declare that a deceased person died from COVID 19. The more cases, the more money the government would  get from international organizations. Now people do not know of somebody who has caught the virus.

Testing is not really well developed. Since you need a test to get out of the country, travelers are the priority. They are running short of reactive material so normal people with symptoms have a tough time to get tested.

Schools are reopening on October 1st, normally with masks and hand washing material!!! I do not believe that this will be happening. Since one class room has often over 100 children, forget about the social distancing.

Graduates priority here is to find a job as civil servant. The government is organizing contests for the entrance in the various departments (education, health, justice,…). This year  1.200.000 applicants for 14.000 spaces!!!

On the security side not much has changed since the beginning of the year. There will be an election for a president and parliament on November 22th. Hopefully it will be peaceful.

News about the LAP

The 1st, 4th and 6th year students came back  to the LAP on September 12th.

The 61 new students (30 girls and 31 boys)

The first week of the 1st year is an introduction week with a lot of playful activities: games, theatre… We are trying to homogenize the group which, even if they have a common background of poor farmer families, are from quite a few different ethnic groups. Something new this year: 5 new 1st year students (4 boys and 1 girl) coming from refugees settlements in Burkina. Here a short video for the 1st year students.

The 4th year students

The rest of the students are coming in this weekend. We will have around 300 students this school year.

Lentils at the LAP

Saying of the week

He who fears something gives it power over him. …

Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are our own fears.” Rudyard Kipling

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

Hope you are all in good health. Thanks for reading the blogs.

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