We are back in the Netherlands, this will be the last blog for this trip. We have left Ouagadougou with 40  ͦC in the evening to 6  ͦC in Amsterdam the next morning.

The trip is always a little tiring: about 6 hours of car to Ouagadougou, waiting in Ouagadougou for a night flight to Paris followed by a another flight to Amsterdam. A total of 24-30 hours.

 Anniversary ”food” campaign ASAP:

As mentioned in my last blog, we would like to call your attention to our “food” for ASAP’s 25th  anniversary campaign.

A 25 euro donation allows a child to have a meal during the whole school year.

People are having more and more difficulties to obtain food. By helping school children to have a lunch while at school, we also help the whole family. We have seen school children taking their lunch home to share with other members of the family.

We have also set this project up on the Global Giving platform. This allows people from North America and the UK to get a tax deduction for their donation. Click here: https://globalgiving.org/55917

You can also watch a short video of the lunch program in the village of Bona. Click here: https://youtu.be/KZ8Pw0Oj_QM

Situation in Burkina

The main event this week was the condemnation of Blaise Compaoré (ex-president) for the killing of Thomas Sankara. It will not change much regarding the internal situation in Burkina, but it is a good symbol for the fight against impunity.

Compaore is living in Ivory Coast and will stay there since he is protected by the president of this country.

The new Burkina president Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba has promised to have results against insecurity within 5 months. Inshallah!!!

Hot pepper harvest at the LAP

Activity this last week

After receiving the goods in 2 containers, the dispatching of them has kept us busy. Eugénie has sorted out all the second hand clothes. There were 29 large bags which were sent to the town of Tougan to be distributed to people displaced by the terrorists in this area.

They were sent by bus in 3 different shipments to make sure that it was possible for people in Tougan to receive them without difficulties.

We also have sent 3 trucks with equipment for the new medical centre we are building in the village of Sipigui: hospital beds, delivery bed, examination tables, desks, chairs, filing cabinets…

There were a lot of white uniforms In the container which were donated by “De Baanderij” in Gouda. Eugénie divided them in 6 parts which will be distributed to the 6 medical centres ASAP has built or helped to build.

Health personnel in Kofila

When going to The LAP with Eugénie we stopped at 2 centres in Kouekouesso and Kofila. Health personnel was very happy with the gift.

Some news from the LAP

Last Monday Eugénie came with me to the LAP mainly to speak with the students. It was planned to talk to the girls only, then the boys asked “what about us”?

It was a bit difficult at first to engage in a conversation with the girls, but in the end they did not want Eugénie to stop even though they had not eaten their lunch yet. They mainly had questions about health and hygiene issues and about points where they would like to see some improvements: bugs and smell in the latrines, ventilators not working, need for more pegs to hang their laundry.

As for the boys it was easier to get them talking. Their main complain was the lack of a cover above the area where they wash their clothes. It was an old request. On one side we agree it is needed, on the other side if we put this cover, they might take longer to wash their clothes and use more water…😉

The husbandry teacher has built an egg incubator in part with the students. This will help us to have more chicks.

Teacher with students and the incubator

Quotes of the week

Food security is an authentically human requirement. Guaranteeing it for present and future generations also means safeguarding ourselves against the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources. Indeed, the process of consumption and waste seems to overlook any concern for … biodiversity, which is so important for agriculture.Pope Benedict XVI

“The average person is still under the aberrant delusion that ‘food should be somebody else’s responsibility until I’m ready to eat it’.” Joel Salatin

Until my next trip in May,

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