In Burkina the government is looking at the possibility to reopen the land borders for people. Now it is supposed to be only for goods.

Also they are looking at Covid vaccination. Since most people do not see this virus as dangerous, it is difficult to imagine that they will get vaccinated, if it is available.

The story of Zoenabo

In each of the villages where we are active, there are a few very remarkable people. Those people are leaders who look for the good of the villagers and not just their own.

Unfortunately, those type of leaders are rare. They are also not always understood by others since they do not fit the mould of the selfish leaders. You are considered stupid if you are not corrupt.

Who is Zoenabo? She is 68 years old and lives in the village of Nefrelaye in Burkina Faso. She was born in the North of the country close to Ouahigouya and, as many of her ethnical group the Mossi, she moved 300 km south with her husband and children to obtain some land.

Zoenabo (blue scarf) bringing reimbursement for women microcredits of Nefrelaye in 2011

She has 5 children. Her husband died ten years ago. After his death decisions regarding the children of Zoenabo were to be taken by the brother of her husband. An arranged marriage was organised by this brother between Alimata, daughter of Zoenabo and an old man. In 2015, we gave Alimata a scholarship of 2 years to to become nursery school teacher. The school was quite far from Nefrelaye and there she met a young man. She became pregnant at the beginning of the second year. It was impossible for her to go back her family in this situation. For her the only solution was abortion. The procedure (clandestine) did not go well and she died a few days after.

This type of situation is still happening too often in Burkina.

Even with all those difficulties, when you meet Zoenabo you immediately notice her good spirit, always laughing. Women in Burkina are very resilient.

She is the leader of the women in her quarter and she is also the president of the women association managing the nursery school.

Zoenabo (orange scarf) in a meeting in Nefrelaye 2019

Zoenabo in the gardening project in 2021

For APPA it is important to have such leaders as a contact in villages. It is possible to find them among the women, unfortunately they are almost impossible to find among men. Corruption and self-gain are the normal among men.

You can find a short video of Zoenabo at:

News from the LAP

We were able to find funding so that the students of the last year can pass their driving licence. It is in 2 parts, theory and practical.

They will pass the theory test end of April and the practical in June.

If they get their driving licence they will have an advantage over other young people when looking for a job or for their own activity. Costs per student is 235 euro, they have to participate with 30 euro).

Since the lectures are at the LAP, 5 teachers have taken this opportunity to pass the driving licence as well (at their own cost).

Quote of the week

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

Nelson Mandela

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Confucius

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