It seems that COVID 19 does not have the same level of contamination in Burkina Faso that we can see in Europe. Why? No real explanation yet, but it makes it difficult for local people to believe in the pandemic which is understandable.

Next Sunday there will be elections for the President and the parliament in Burkina Faso. Let’s hope that it happens peacefully.

Some news from the LAP

This year there are 141 girls at the LAP (Lycée Agricole Privé). Last Friday an awareness meeting about menstruation was done and washable protection kits were provided.

The LAP is a boarding school and students are not going home during the weekend, so they need to have some.

On Saturday night they can watch a movie. Girls are often knitting and all students can try their talent with drawing.

Lunch program for rural primary schools

For over 20 years we have been providing supplies for the lunch program of the primary schools of the villages where we are active.

The number of children in the schools where we are active has gone from 1.000 children in 2002 to 3.800 in 2019. The increase is due to the construction of more classrooms, new villages added (2017) but also the motivation of children to attend schools thanks to the lunch program.

Most children do not go back home at lunch time due to distance and/or because there is no food at home. The lunch program is essential for a proper development of the children and it helps them to concentrate better during the lectures.

ASAP is providing goods (rice, oil and salt) so that children can have a meal when in school. Parents have to provide beans for proteins.

Cost for one year for one child is 20 euro.

Thank for any help you can give,

Saying of the week

“A tough job as the head of state of a Western democracy who spends three quarters of his time defending human rights and the remaining quarter hugging dictators who flout them.“ Phillippe Bouvard

“A dictator is only a fiction. His power is actually spread among many anonymous and irresponsible sub-dictators whose tyranny and corruption soon become unbearable.” Gustave the Good

Stay safe.


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