It has been a long time since my last blog. I have not visited Burkina since July 2022 and even though I am in contact with people in Burkina almost every day, it is not easy for me to write about something when you are not actuallythere.

Situation in Burkina

The situation has not improved since my last blog, at least this is my impression from the information I have.

It is a very complex situation which mixes corruption, terrorists, bandits, ethnical conflict. If you ad to that the poverty and over 2.000.000 displaced people, bringing back the peace looks like a mission impossible.

There is an appearance of normalcy in the big towns. In Ouagadougou the SIAO (Salon International de l’Artisanat de Ouagadougou) was held end of January and end of February the FESPACO (Festival Panafricain du Film et de la Télévision) was also opened.

The Burkinabés are resilient, let us pray that they will find a solution to this very complicated situation.

News about the villages

Live goes on in the 12 villages we are supporting and projects are still implemented.

Medical centre of Sipigui

The infrastructure of this medical centre was completed in July 2022. The population had to wait until January 2023 to get health care personnel to be affected to this structure!!!!

Arrival of the health care personnel at the new medical centre.

The first 2 babies born in this medical centre.

Ginger project in Sipigui

In June, as a test project, we gave a credit for some ginger seeds and compost for some of the women in Sipigui. A training on this new culture for them was organised and the seeds were planted in July 2022.

The space used for this culture lays between the fruit trees (mangos-, cashew nut trees). By cultivating under those trees it helps the fruit trees since we also ad compost and there is no conflict with the men since this space is not used. The harvest being in January, there is also no conflict of time with other farming activities.

The harvest took place in January 2023 with mixed results. The ginger is cut and dried in the village and will be bought by APPA who will make powder out of it.

To be more performant we are still looking for funding to develop this project, using the results of this test.

Ginger drying in the sun

News about the LAP

Vaccination against meningitis

This vaccination protects the students during 3 years. In 2012 we have lost a student to this disease and since then all students, teachers and staff are vaccinated.

A student and Fidèle, our principal, being vaccinated.


Harvest of the garden




Results of the first trimester of the first cycle

The results of the first cycle where rather good. The table below shows the results presented not by class, but by origin of the students. This shows a large variation of results depending from which village the students come from. Not much difference between girls and boys results.

The results for the first semester of the second cycle will be available end of March.

New products available from APPA

Soumbala is produced from the locust beans. It is a seasoning well liked in Burkina.

Odile and her team are now offering “soumbala with pepper”. It is mainly to be rubbed on grilled meat.

The 5 different creams

APPA offers now 5 types of creams and soaps, all based on shea butter: with citronella or neem. honey, curcuma ,and/or Moringa.

Sayings from Victor Hugo

“Water that does not flow makes a swamp, the mind that does not work makes a fool.”

“It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and mankind does not listen.”

I hope that you are all right,

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