Civil servants in Burkina not really “serving” the population

While I was at the closing ceremony of the nursery school of the village of Kofila, I discussed with someone of the health personnel from the local medical centre.

In the discussion it came out that the government had sent mosquito nets for the population like they had done in previous years. He told me that they were at the townhall and could not be distributed since there was no budget for that!!! Normally they were going house to house registering the number of people in the house and the sleeping arrangement to define the number of mosquito nets needed. In previous year they were paid for this work. Since there is no funding this year there is no distribution……..

I told him that they could use the count of last year. But this was not good enough. No funding = no distribution of mosquito nets.

The rainy season is starting and with it the increase of mosquitoes without possibility of protection at night. This will mean more malaria infections and more deaths of small children. It is really sad to see this happening and that nobody higher in the health ministry forces the distribution.

On our side we have been distributing some mosquito nets funded by “Moment of Joy”.

Honey harvest 2022

The 2022 honey harvest has taken place between the end of April beginning of May.

Unfortunately, it was not a great harvest in term of volume. I have not yet gotten the explanation  for this.

As you can see on the picture, a women beekeeper was very happy about her harvest.

We expect to buy about 5.500 kg, a little bit more than last year but less than the 8.000 kg expected.

Beginning of the work in the fields of the LAP

Students at the LAP, who are not in an exam class, are helping in the preparation of the fields

After some rains we can start the ploughing with the tractor. This year we will work 10 Ha at the LAP

Some trees along the road

Tree grape or lannea. There is not much to eat from the fruit which has very big nuts. People dry those wild grapes and later on make juice out of it

The bark of the caïlcédrat has many uses in pharmacopeia. One of them is against paludism

Saying of the week

“My father was a civil servant and my mother did not work either.” – Coluche

“A civil servant is a bit like a book in a library: the higher you are placed the less often you serve.” -Coluche

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