Situation in Burkina

You probably heard about the attack on population in the North of Burkina killing hundreds of people. The terrorists aimed mainly at the men. The reason seems that the terrorists did not want the men to join the volunteers whom are defending on the side of the army to defend their villages.

It seems that this attack went on over 2 days without any reaction of the army. Also the terrorists came on motorbikes. I guess they did not “suddenly appear”. A lot of things do not make sense. But nobody I talk to seems to have an explanation.

On another note, I found myself several time stuck in traffic jams! A lot of reasons for these; small roads, many trucks broken down along the way, many types of transport using the roads (trucks, cars, tricycles, motorbikes, carts with donkey, bicycles). But the main reason is the increase of vehicles in Burkina. The main growing business is gasoline stations!!!

This means that despite the security situation, the economy is not doing too badly in the safe regions.

From the last containers we could distribute second hand clothesgiven to us in the Netherlands to displaced people in the area of Tougan (province of Sourou).

End of the school year at the LAP

This is the time for the end of the year exams. This year we have 3 groups passing national exam. The 4th year is passing what is called the BEPC. The success rate has been 72%, a little down from last year’s 75%. The 6th year passed the BEP Agricole. The success rate for them was 89% up from 85% last year. The exam for the 8th year, BAC PRO Agricole, will only start on June 21st.

This a rather good result, still a bit down from our objectives. Congratulations to the students and teachers.

Regarding the driving licence exam which the 7th year passed, finally 21 out 22 got there licence.

Last year students have done an internship during the school holydays in 2021. They have to present the report of the internship as part of the grade for their final exam.

Results at primary schools

This year is the second school year where we have distributed many school books at the primary schools. Some are just normal school books; others are for the last year of primary school what is called “annales”, exams with answers from previous year.

It is very rewarding when you see that this project has had such a positive impact. This year many of our primary schools have 100% success rate at the end of primary school exam.

Most the schools have only one book for 2 or 3 pupils. We need to keep on adding more books to the schools.

Before next school year starts in October, we will be visiting the schools to check on how the books are maintained and if they are all there.

When I mentioned this to a school director, she started already to find excuses why we might not pleased when we come for the control. Not a good sign!!!

The school book projects have been made possible thanks to A Petits Pas and the COSOG in France and by the Dutch World Mathematics Fonds.

Some pictures along the way

This 4 legged tree has found a place to sit on

Sayings of the week

“In the forest, when the branches quarrel, the roots kiss.” – African proverb

“Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.” – African proverb

I left Burkina this weekend. Not sure when the next blog will be.

Take good care of you,


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