Situation in Burkina

There are several things which do not help to have positive feelings about Burkina Faso.

Insecurity: the attacks against the police and army are causing more and more deaths. Difficult to know who is really being in those attacks: terrorists, jihadists, criminals….  The results is a lot of insecurity, more than 1.500.000 people displaced in Burkina and a very anxious population.

In the of town of Tougan, capital of the Sourou Province, population more than 50.000 people (this is where Odile our director comes from), there are rumours of attacks against the town. In the neighbouring villages Jihadists are terrorising the population menacing to come back if the schools are not closed. Not all the parents have means or contacts to send their children to another province for schooling. Result: a lot of uneducated children which might be enrolled by the jihadists.

Prices of goods: as in many countries prices of goods are increasing sometime more than 50%. Price of edible oils has increased 40%, price of rice 25%… This also makes the population angry.

Poor rainy season: harvests are not good this year which will put pressure on prices. Normally at harvest time the price of a bag of 100kg of corn is 15 euro. This year the bag is already at 20 euro and in some places at more than 30 euro. A lot of the diet of Burkinabe families is based on corn!!

The cotton harvest is also bad. The cotton seeds are used to make edible oils. Prices will certainly keep on going up.

Poor and corrupted administration: there do not seem to be any strong leaders in the present government. The population is more and more aware of the existing corruption at all levels.

All these issues make the situation really unstable. There has been coup d’état in Mali and Guinée recently. People are starting to say that it could also happen in Burkina.

The irony is that this is all happening at a time when the process to judge the killers of Thomas Sankara has just begun…

This is not a really rosy picture of Burkina and unfortunately our impact is limited on those difficulties. The positive part is that we can still realise and develop projects of development in the area where we are in Burkina and those have a real impact.

Medical centre of Sipigui

We have started with the build of this medical centre. One of the first realisations is a water well so that the contractor has easy access to water. The well was drilled at 110 meters and it has a flow of 5m3 / hour. The pump was installed at 22 meters.

2 of the buildings have already been started: the medical dispensary and the maternity clinic.

The population has to provide each day 10 men for the contractor to work during the completion of this project. They are really motivated and the construction is going rather fast.

Distribution of math books in primary schools and water bottles in nursery schools

We got funding for mathematical books from the Wereldwiskunde Fonds. We have just started their distribution last week.

Odile and the director of the school from Bona, counting the books.

We got water bottles from the foundation jointhepipe. We are distributing the bottles to children in nursery schools. They can use them during the school year for drinking. This avoids contamination between children and / or from drinking from their hands.

New sport platform at the LAP

UNHCR funded the realisation of a platform for basketball, volleyball and handball. Very nice addition to our school. Now we need to buy the balls….

Quotes of the week

“Creativity is contagious – pass it on.” -Albert Einstein

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty.” -Erich Fromm

This was the last blog for this trip.

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