The positive and negative aspects of the rainy season

This year the rainy season has been good overall in Burkina. This means potentially good harvests. However, we still had rains this week. Farmers wish that the rains stop now. Villagers do not have a dry place to store their harvest. This means that they let the corn on the field where it starts to germinate and beans are turning black.

Other consequences of the long rainy season are the terrible roads between villages or fields and home and the collapse of many earthen huts. We have heard of several people killed in their sleep from huts collapsing on them.

Primary School of Sidi 2

Thanks to a generous donor, the school of ‘t Atrium in Amersfoort and Wilde Ganzen we have been able to build 3 classes for the primary school of Sidi 2.

61 children of the second grade in their new class room.

First grade students. There are 55 now but they expect to have more than 60 at the end of October. It is their first contact with the school and children are afraid, they prefer to be 4 on a bench than using empty ones!!!

Parents and children in front of the school. Sorry for the round top of the school. I do not master yet the panorama setting of my camera.

Pictures along the way

Baby 6 days old Caiman in a small river

Proverb of the week

If you do not stand for something you will fall for something

Si vous ne supportez pas quelque chose, vous tomberez pour quelque chose

Advice is like a stranger; if he’s welcome he stays for the night; if not, he leaves the same day.

Le conseil est comme un étranger; s’il est le bienvenu, il reste pour la nuit; sinon, il part le jour même.

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