Eugénie arrived mid-week and Marie Paule and Didier (A Petits Pas) arrived yesterday. Not easy to acclimate to the 39 ֯C temperature and the dust in the air.

Situation in Burkina

The president appointed the prime minister and a government was established. Only 3 military in it. Surprisingly, the Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Brigadier General Aimé Barthélémy Simporé, had the same ministry before the coup. People speculate that he was behind this coup. Also the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Protection, Mr Bassolma Bazie used to be a very fierce head of the unions???

A parliament will be established with representatives from each region, but also with military personnel.

Security in many parts of Burkina is still not good and with all the displaced people and last year’s rather poor harvest, people are starting to have major problems finding enough food.

The government will have to show some results very soon in the field of safety and ensure that people can get enough food at a reasonable price.

LAP infrastructure

The LAP was opened 10 years ago. The village of Oualana gave us 42 Ha on which we are building the LAP. We have invested more than 1,000,000 euros in infrastructure over these 10 years and we have not yet finished the task.

We can accommodate up to 330 students on full board. This year we have 156 girls and 146 boys. They are taught and supervised by 22 full-time employees.

Pedagogical area

Recreation area

Workshop area

Students living area

Gardens and stables

Water towers

Teachers houses

All the buildings are equipped with solar power.

All this was made possible thanks to the van Kesteren Foundation, the Jura Foundation, A Petits Pas, secondary school ‘t Atrium, Wilde Ganzen, Stichting SUPO, UNHCR Burkina, Stichting Bromelia.

A lot of equipment has been given to us from many organisations / schools but in particular Childslife and Re Use It.

Information about APPA (Association pour des Petits Projets Africains) 

This local association has taken over the activities of ASAP in the villages since 2016. APPA has then developed production activities based on input coming from the villages: shea butter, honey, locust beans.

The biggest growth is with the honey production. APPA has been able to fund close to 2.000 hives to villagers. With a new project funded by the World Bank, 1.650 additional hives are now in the fields.

In 2016 APPA bought 500 kg of honey, in 2021 it was 5.000 kg!!! We expect to buy close to 10.000 kg in 2022.

The production and sales of products had to be taken over by a cooperative to avoid confusion with the tax authorities: the subsidies received for projects could have been confused as income from the sales of products.

The cooperative is called VPMD (Valorisation des Produits du Miel & Dérivés)

We also needed to expand our facilities specially for the honey activities. With the project funded by the World Bank there was also funds for a building and a truck.

Nice birds seen along the road

Abyssinian Roller

Long tailed glossy starling

Saying of the week

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” —Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” —Winston Churchil

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